19 Bar Owner Says Alleged Shooter Devon Strouss's "Self -Defense" Claim Is BS

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Strouss (right) faces multiple felonies in connection with the incident.
19 Bar owner Gary Hallberg categorically rejects any notion the shots Devon Strouss allegedly fired into his establishment last week came in self-defense.

"I wasn't there, but obviously that guy was so drunk he wasn't really there either," Hallberg says. "We have 20 cameras in there. Do you want to see the footage?" (We told Hallberg we're indeed interested to check it out.)

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Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis Adds Names of 17 Priests to "Credibly Accused" List

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Jesse Marx
The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has added 17 names to its list of credibly accused priests as part of a settlement agreement with Jeff Anderson's law firm. Nine priests allegedly abused minors within the archdiocese and eight allegedly abused minors outside the archdiocese, but held assignments here.

The list has also been updated to include three men whose alleged crimes had previously been considered unsubstantiated. It's not immediately clear why the status of these claims was elevated, but give it time. Some, if not all, of the files are expected to be made public in the coming weeks and months.

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No, the University of Minnesota Isn't Saying Ebola Is Suddenly Airborne

CDC Global

As worries over the Ebola virus have grown, the crazy stories have popped up right beside it (need we mention the ridiculous Ebola zombie hoax?). But a new one has surfaced, and it sounds just realistic enough to maybe be true.

"EBOLA TRANSMITTED BY AIR," reads one headline from the conservative site Breitbart. Political columnist George Will said the same thing. Interesting, both pinned their stories on the same source: the University of Minnesota. The meme has remained afloat in the weird world of the right-wing blogosphere, on sites like Town Hall and CNS News.

So should we be worried? In a word, no.

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New MNGOP Attack Ad Offends Everybody But MNGOP [VIDEO]

The ad uses a dead child's image without the family's consent.
-- Update at bottom --

A new MNGOP attack ad called "Incompetence" links Gov. Mark Dayton with the death of Eric Dean, a 4-year-old from Pope County who died early last year after being repeatedly abused by his father's live-in fiancé.

It was "downright horrifying that [Dayton] signed a law making it more difficult to investigate maltreatment cases," the ad's narrator says.

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Reporter Sarah Lahm on Critical Don Samuels Piece: "This Is Bigger Than Don Samuels"

Lahm (right): "The outside money flowing to the Samuels campaign follows a relatively recent national pattern... where local school board races have been heavily influenced by the political and financial heft of outside groups."
As we detailed earlier this week, school board candidate (and former City Council member) Don Samuels isn't happy with a report recently published in the Investigative Fund that takes a tough, unflattering look at the copious national money pouring into his campaign.

But the journalist who reported the piece, Minneapolis-based freelancer Sarah Lahm, stands by what she wrote and tells us Samuels shouldn't take it personally.

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Michele Bachmann Fundraising for Stewart Mills

Michele Bachmann's star has certainly faded since the halcyon days of 2011, but nobody has ever questioned her ability to fundraise.

So it's worth noting that yesterday, Bachmann sent an email to her supporters pleading with them to contribute to Stewart Mills's congressional campaign.

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Marijuana Policy Project PAC Throws Gov. Dayton Under Bus

-- Update at bottom with comment from Rep. Branden Petersen --

In a press release sent our way by an MNGOP-affiliated source, the D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project PAC pledges to make a maximum financial contribution of $4,000 to Jeff Johnson's gubernatorial campaign.

But lest you think the nation's largest marijuana policy organization is some sort of surprisingly right-leaning group, the release also notes that the PAC plans to give a matching contribution to the Senate DFL PAC. Take that, DFL Gov. Mark Dayton!

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Kimberly Dover Allegedly Stole Months of Government Benefits, Police Say

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She may not be on the level of the infamous Chisholms, but police still say that Kimberly Dover managed to steal thousands from the government.

According to police, the whole charade happened over the course of four months in Wabasha County, starting in November 2013. Dover was receiving benefits from the state of Illinois -- benefits she said were to expire at the beginning of November, police say. Those benefits were supposed to be replaced with food stamps and health insurance from Minnesota.

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Comment of the Day: If CNN Says You Got It Right...

The last handful of years haven't been great for CNN, with mistakes like this, this, and this (to cite just a few examples) damaging the cable news channel's reputation.

Yesterday we told you about how a CNN piece praises Twin Cities officials for getting transit right with the Green Line. Put it together and it got reader Mike McLean thinking:

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TimberTrolls Release Awesome 90210-Themed Intro for 2014-15 Timberwolves [VIDEO]

Just in time for the 2014-15 season, the mysterious Spain-based group of Timberwolves fans called the TimberTrolls are back with a new 90210-themed video.

As is always the case with the TimberTrolls' work, it's pretty cool -- and prominently features Ricky Rubio.

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