TimberTrolls Release Awesome 90210-Themed Intro for 2014-15 Timberwolves [VIDEO]

Just in time for the 2014-15 season, the mysterious Spain-based group of Timberwolves fans called the TimberTrolls are back with a new 90210-themed video.

As is always the case with the TimberTrolls' work, it's pretty cool -- and prominently features Ricky Rubio.

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Saturday Morning Was Very Violent Time Along Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis

Categories: Crime, Minneapolis
Vanessa Uzong
Around 1 a.m. Saturday -- about the same time a woman was shot dead inside the Augie's strip club on Hennepin and Fourth Street in downtown Minneapolis -- another woman was nearly killed a block away by a driver who allegedly ran her over intentionally.

Vanessa Uzong, 24, has been charged with first-degree assault in connection with the incident, which left the victim, Miera Horton, in critical condition with a punctured lung, shattered pelvis, broken femur, and fractured ankle and ribs, authorities say.

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CNN Says Twin Cities "Got Transit Right" with Green Line

Thumbnail image for GreenLineWeisman2.jpg
Michael Hicks
A Green Line train rolls through the U of M campus.
A CNN Money piece gives the Twin Cities props for getting transit right with the Green Line.

"Big projects often divide cities," the article notes. "But Minneapolis' light rail line is creating jobs and driving development in underserved areas." (The line serves St. Paul as well, of course, so CNN's way of putting things in the second sentence isn't quite right.)

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Devon Strouss's Family Says 19 Bar Shooting Was Self-Defense

Categories: Crime
Strouss (right) was being beaten by a group of people when he opened fire, his family says.
The criminal complaint charging Devon Strouss with three felonies in connection with last week's shooting at the legendary 19 Bar gay bar makes the case seem open and shut -- the official narrative says Strouss was drunk, belligerent, and opened fire outside the bar for no good reason after he was kicked out, injuring two.

But his family says there's more to the story, and for that reason, a Hennepin County judge decided to free Strouss Monday after he posted $2,500 bail.

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Labor Ads to Ridgedale Shopping Center Customers: "Watch Out" for Hazards

Categories: Business, Unions
These ads, which were put together by the Laborers' International Union of North America, are running on mobile devices near Ridgedale
In time for the holidays, labor organizers released a digital campaign today targeting consumers inside the Ridgedale Shopping Center, which is undergoing renovation. A new site is called "Shop at Your Own Risk" and mobile ads are intended to scare the public away.

The laborers picketed Ridgedale in July, claiming that both union and nonunion contractors -- and by extension, storefronts and the mall's owners -- had let safety violations go unchecked. For proof, the local branch of the Laborers' International Union of North America sent us photographs of an open escalator shaft and electrical box.

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Will Mining Save or Destroy Northern Minnesota?

Categories: Environment


As he leaves a small cafe in Ely, Gerald Tyler approaches two middle-aged women and whispers a joke. They smile politely.

He walks gingerly, a leftover cost from his years in the military. In a patterned sweater that appears to have 30 years of mileage on it, he appears more the goofy grandfather than major mining activist.

But when he's through the doors of his main street office, a transformation occurs. This is the headquarters of Up North Jobs, a group devoted to finding new economic opportunities for this struggling town. And to succeed in this quest, Tyler must play the warrior, fighting to bring back the jobs that have slowly slipped away from Ely over the past 50 years, courtesy of the decline in mining.

Lawn signs lining the walls telegraph Tyler's strategy to restore Ely. "We Support Mining!" one reads. "Mining Supports Us," another one says.

"This is our livelihoods," he explains.

Tyler comes loaded with a war chest, a sprawling mess of economic data, newspaper articles, and ads. They show how a new type of mining — for precious metals like copper and nickel — could save this town.

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Comment of the Day: Vikings Stadium Port-A-Potty Scary, But Legit

MSFA on Twitter
Our post yesterday about the "world's most dangerous port-a-potty" high above the site of the new Vikings stadium raised questions about whether putting one of the damn things way up there is legal.

According to reader Jake Condon, it is. Condon shed some light on the regulations covering port-a-potties at perilous construction sites like the one in question.

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Augie's Murder Charges: Feud Ended with Jasmine Jones Shooting Lakisha Neal

Jasmine Jones
Late this morning, 29-year-old Jasmine Jones was charged with second-degree murder for allegedly gunning down 32-year-old Lakisha Neal inside Augie's strip club in downtown Minneapolis around 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

A witness who knows Jones told authorities that Jones and Neal had been feuding for some time. But the criminal complaint says things escalated murderously at Augie's after Jones approached Neal, a single mother of a teenage daughter, and called her a "bitch."

Saturday Morning Was a Very Violent Time Along Hennepin Ave. in Downtown Minneapolis

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Riley Swearingen Charged with Assault for Giving Mankato Cop "Wet Willy"

Riley Swearingen
Sure, it's no fun to be on the receiving end of a "wet willy," but you wouldn't think one would constitute felony assault, right?

But that's one charge among a few 24-year-old Riley Swearingen faced for putting his saliva-dampened fingers in the ears of a Mankato cop during the course of drunken shenanigans just after bar close Saturday morning. (As this post was being finalized, we learned that after three days in jail, Swearingen agreed to a plea deal yesterday whereby he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disruptive intoxication in order to have the felony charge dropped.)

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Check Out "World's Most Dangerous Port-A-Potty" at Vikings Stadium Site [PHOTO]

Used with permission of Mill City Times
This is one port-a-potty you definitely don't want to be in if it tips...
When nature calls, you have to heed it -- even if you're hundreds of feet in the air on some precarious-looking scaffolding.

That's the situation facing workers working at the site of the new Vikings stadium, as you can see at the top of this post in a photo shot by the Mill City Times' David Tinjum.

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