Mpls approves Southwest LRT, paving way for legislature to wrangle over funding

Images via Met Council and Mulad on Flickr
A map of the Southwest LRT line's proposed route.
Today, the Minneapolis City Council followed its counterparts in Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Hopkins, and St. Louis Park in approving the proposed alignment of the Southwest LRT line.

After years of city-level wrangling, the 9-3 vote (council members Barb Johnson, Cam Gordon, and Lisa Goodman voted 'no') paves the way for the drama to shift to the legislature next year, as the state still needs to figure out how to fund 10 percent of the $1.653 billion public works project, which is the most expensive in state history.

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Clyde Bellecourt says U of M is "scholastically retarded" on Native American issues

Bellecourt speaks during yesterday's news conference.
The National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media wants the University of Minnesota to prohibit the Washington NFL team from playing on campus at TCF Bank stadium on November 2 unless the team changes its nickname.

But U officials, citing the terms of its lease with the Vikings, say they don't have the authority to do that. Their stance prompted Clyde Bellecourt, a founding member of the coalition, to call everyone at the U from President Eric Kaler on down "scholastically retarded" on Native American issues during a news conference yesterday.

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St. Paul police defend Chris Lollie arrest; lawyers question aggressive use of force

Chris Lollie photo via Facebook
In the wake of the stir caused by the hard-to-watch footage of Chris Lollie's arrest in the First National Bank Building skyway while he waited to pick up his kids from school, the St. Paul Police Department took to Facebook in an attempt to justify officers' conduct.

Lollie, however, tells us the PD's version of events isn't accurate, and lawyers we spoke with questioned why cops would use a taser on a man alleged to have committed such minor offenses.

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Protestors of all colors demand prosecution of Ferguson cop who killed Michael Brown

All photos by Jesse Marx
By 6 p.m., the rain has dissipated. Hundreds of protestors are gathering outside the Hennepin County Government Center on Thursday to demand the prosecution of a white Ferguson, Missouri, cop named Darren Wilson. And as they do, a black security guard leaves his post and steps briefly outside.

"If I weren't working," he says, "I'd be out here, too."

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Teen's prank ends in samurai sword stabbing, police say

Categories: Crime

Nicholas Lee Curtis

It was the classic high school prank: two boys in Anoka, Minnesota, playing around with a few rolls of toilet paper, covering a friend's house, lawn, and trees with the stuff. Little did they know, Nicholas Lee Curtis was watching. And he had a sword.

Curtis wasn't in the house that the teenagers were pranking. But he lived with his mother a few doors down. One of the pranksters parked his car only a few feet away, and that was enough.

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"Backoff" computer virus hits Dairy Queen, could mean thousands of credit cards at risk

Categories: Data Privacy

Busted by the "Backoff" virus
Wikimedia Commons

Hackers are coming for your credit card info again. This time, they're coming by way of burgers and Blizzards.

After breaching the cyber security systems of companies like Target, Jimmy John's and, most recently, SuperValu, the auspicious-sounding "Backoff" malware virus has hit Minnesota-based Dairy Queen. It's an unsettling development. It's another cyber break-in, another chance at stolen credit or debit card numbers. As of now, the damage is still unknown.

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Twin Citians sorta suck at driving, report says

Daniel Oines on Flickr
Allstate's 10th annual "Best Drivers Report" indicates folks in Minneapolis and St. Paul are mediocre at best when it comes to avoiding accidents.

Out of the 200 cities included in the study, which is based on crash data, Minneapolis ranks 90th. St. Paul, meanwhile, ranks 103rd.

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Comment of the Day: Arrested for what?

Thumbnail image for war-is-peace-freedom-is-slavery.jpg
... and resisting arrest is an arrestable offense.
Minnesota is one of about two dozen states that doesn't have a "stop and identify" statute, meaning you aren't legally obligated to provide your name to law enforcement officers here.

Combine that with the point raised in today's Comment of the Day, and it's hard to figure out why Chris Lollie was roughly arrested by St. Paul cops.

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St. Paul police shoot, kill suspect

Categories: Police, St. Paul
-- Update at bottom --

Around 6:20 this morning in an area of Plato Boulevard and Wabasha Street, St. Paul police shot and killed a suspect.

It's unclear at this point why police wanted to apprehend the man in the first place, but multiple witness reports indicate the man was throwing rocks and trying to punch officers before he charged at one of them and was gunned down.

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Dennis Carter, MSU-Mankato football star, allegedly shot man over marijuana debt

Dennis Carter
Dennis Carter, a standout wide receiver for MSU-Mankato, faces an attempted murder charge for allegedly shooting a longtime acquaintance in the head over a marijuana debt.

The incident occurred shortly before midnight on August 20 along a dirt road near the Renaissance Festival campgrounds in Scott County. The victim, later identified as 28-year-old Diaa Ahmed Abdelhakim, says Carter shot him execution-style and only failed to kill him because his gun jammed. Carter, on the other hand, told investigators he accidentally shot Abdelhakim after wrestling his gun away from him during a struggle.

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