Richard Martin Smoked Weed With His Infant Child, Police Say

Categories: Crime, Marijuana

Ramsey County
Cops say Richard Martin told them he'd rather give his baby marijuana than Tylenol

On February 26 police raided Richard Martin's mom's house in east St. Paul and found a modest marijuana grow operation in the basement with the help of his 10-year-old daughter, according to charges filed by the Ramsey County Attorney.

When cops were escorting her out of the house she asked them "Is this about the drugs in the basement?" and told them about her father growing seven marijuana plants down there.

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Police Asking for Help Finding Suspect in Last Week's South Minneapolis Homicide

Categories: Homicide Files

Minneapolis Police Department
Police named him as a suspect in the April 11 murder of a 21-year-old Somali female

Minneapolis's homicide detectives have had their hands full lately.

During a six-day stretch from April 8 to April 13 the city recorded four murders, doubling the 2015 total to eight.

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Someone Screwed Up on KARE 11's 10 O'Clock News Last Night

Categories: Media

Cool-Hand-Mike/Deviant Art
"The game sharts at 7 o'clock. Back to you guys"

An innocuous sports segment towards the end of KARE 11's 10 o'clock news last night turned hilarious when a worst-case-scenario typo somehow made it to broadcast.

Whoever is in charge of on-screen graphics forgot a "f" in "shifts," resulting in this gem:

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Birgetta and Chuck Nelson Are The Notebook in Real Life on a Minneapolis Avenue

City Pages staff
Chuck Nelson reads a Tomas Tranströmer's poem to his bride of 57 years on a spring afternoon.

When the weather is agreeable, Birgetta and Chuck Nelson are in one of two places with their faces toward the sun.

They're either out front on the park bench adjacent Cedar Lake Avenue or inside the central courtyard of the retirement residence where Birgetta has lived since July 2008.

Today, it's the latter.

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Minnesota Senate Lets Pregnant Women Go Thirsty to Save Historic Desks

Categories: Politics

Senate Media Services
Water on these desks would cut through the glass and rot away the historically significant wood underneath.

Last week, the Minnesota Senate upheld a couple of classic rules suppressing basic human instincts and functions, which a bipartisan majority admitted was totally necessary to keep themselves civilized.

First, members aren't allowed to look at anybody but the Senate President, Sandy Pappas, whenever there's a debate going on. Like wild animals or prison inmates, senators consider eye contact to be a sign of aggression, sure to inflame partisan discord and incite rabid brawling up and down the aisles.

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Tania Harris, 18-Year-Old High School Student, Charged With Assault After Being Shot by Police

Black Lives Matter/Facebook
Black Lives Matter dropped its original claim that Tania was unarmed when she was shot

Black Lives Matter backed off its claim that cops were lying about 18-year-old Tania Harris having a knife when she was shot last Thursday night, but her family and their supporters are still outraged.

They argue even though she did have a knife, police could've used a less dangerous weapon like a taser or pepper spray, or at least warned her before shooting her twice in the stomach.

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Hispanic Renters Protest Condition of Uptown Apartments Run by QT Properties

Categories: Protest News

Ben Johnson
Protesters tried to goad management into coming outside to hear about problems with their properties

Maria Collaco has rented an apartment at 3023 Pleasant Ave. in Uptown for 19 years without having any major problems.

Then QT Properties took over the the building.

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Free Outdoor Pro Wrestling Coming to Calhoun Square This Summer

Categories: Events

Kent Kanouse/Flickr
Calhoun Square's new owners are hosting free pro wrestling on the fourth Saturday of every month, May-September

Professional wrestling is coming to Uptown this summer, because if there's one thing Uptown needs on Saturday night, it's more testosterone.

Prime Time Wrestling will be setting up in the empty lot next to Calhoun Square on the fourth Saturday of every month starting in May. The best part: It's free, all you gotta do is bring a chair. And there might even be beer for sale, according to the Business Journal.

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Afton Wastewater Plant Spells Doom for Environmental Treasure, Say Locals

LoveToTakePhotos via Pixabay
Valley Creek in Washington County is one of the state's last remaining trout streams near the metro area.

Valley Creek, considered by many to be Minnesota's most cherished trout stream, starts as a whisper in the outback of Washington County. The pristine, gurgling waters of the St. Croix River tributary, which is home to more than 20 threatened and endangered species, snakes for miles before spilling into the river north of Afton.

And it is here, within a fly rod cast of Valley Creek, that the city of Afton -- with the state of Minnesota's regulatory blessing -- thinks a wastewater treatment facility should be built.

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Rep. Duane Quam's Cuts Could Close Parks and Libraries in Twin Cities

Categories: Politics

Minnesota House of Representatives
Though Minneapolis sends more tax money to the state than it gets back, Duane Quam wants to make it worse

No sooner had Rep. Duane Quam (R-Byron) suggested bleeding $85 million in state aid to Minnesota's three largest cities, the incensed mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul cried foul.

A House GOP proposal would slash $40 million a year from Minneapolis, $34 million from St. Paul, and $20 million from Duluth. The remaining funds are less than half of what those cities were promised in local government aid in 2013 to keep police and fire departments afloat.

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