Mpls man removed from flight after he disses gate agent by name on Twitter

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Watson (left), a formerly loyal Southwest customer, says he's done with the airline as a result of how he was treated.
Just after 5 p.m. Sunday, Southwest Airlines "A-Lister" Duff Watson tried to use his status to priority board his flight back home to Minneapolis with his two young children. He says he's done this in the past and it hasn't been an issue.

But in the case, the gate agent, a woman named "Kimberly S," told him he'd have to wait. Watson tells us he was "literally taken aback, because I travel a lot with my kids and have done that before," but his next thought was, "Oh well."

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MPD kills innocent north Minneapolis couple's dog [UPDATES]

Tito, the Cane Corso killed by the MPD Friday evening.
:::: UPDATE :::: Here's what the MPD incident report says about Tito's shooting: "DOGS RAN AT OFFICER AND WOULD NOT STOP. DOG DISPATCHED BY OFFICER. SUPERVISOR AND ANIMAL CONTROL RESPONDED TO SCENE." The arrested party is a minor, so his name isn't public information.

:::: UPDATE II :::: The MPD sent us this statement about the incident:
Police officers are placed into situations where, at times, they must make immediate decisions based on only the facts that are present at that moment. The officers are mandated to make the decisions to preserve their own safety as well as the safety of others.

The decision to shoot, or harm, an animal is not made lightly, but at times must be made immediately. Officers have no way of knowing the history of the animal, or what the animal may do. Every threat must be taken seriously.

These are very sad and unfortunate incidents and ones that no one wants to occur.
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Comment of the Day: Brad Pitt? Try Kato Kaelin

Mills (left) and Pitt
In fairness, Kato Kaelin is no slouch in the looks department himself.
Everyday, new comments are posted on old Blotter posts. And sometimes they're LOL-worthy.

For instance, last month, we told you about Politico's comparison of the looks of Republican Eighth District U.S. House candidate Stewart Mills and Brad Pitt. Some people flat-out don't buy it -- others pointed out comparisons they think work better.

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Kluwe creates petition to get Vikings to release entire Priefer report [UPDATE]

Investigators concluded Priefer (left) did advocate dropping a "nuke" on "the gays." But Kluwe says there's more that hasn't become public yet.
:::: UPDATE :::: Today, Kluwe's lawyer, Clayton Halunen, announced plans to file suit against the Vikings have been put on hold, pending further settlement discussions between his client and the organization. Halunen said he plans to push for release of the full report as part of any agreement.

We contacted the Vikings for a response to Halunen's annoucement. Team spokesman Jeff Anderson sent us this statement:
Yesterday, Clayton Halunen contacted a Vikings attorney to request that the two sides engage in conversation. We believe that we have comprehensively investigated Halunen's client Chris Kluwe's claims that were put forth in the January 2, 2014, Deadspin article and have taken the appropriate action to ensure that we continue to have a workplace environment that respects tolerance, diversity, and inclusion. We are willing to listen to Mr. Halunen's continued concerns but will have no further comment in the interim.
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Michele Bachmann considering another presidential run [UPDATE]

 bachmann chick-fil-a.jpg
Bachmann and her beloved anti-gay Chick-fil-A
Michele vs. Hillary, anyone?
-- Update at bottom --

It's the campaign nobody is asking for, but we might get it anyway.

Michele Bachmann was barely able to hold onto her solidly Republican exurban district last election cycle, and in May 2013 she announced she won't run for another term. Yet she still believes she'd be a viable presidential contender in 2016.

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Michael Kolar, former priest, tells of the sexual abuse he gave and received in new documents

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Artwork by Martin Ontiveros
"What began so innocently has ended in a Holocaust, and I have learned more in 3 years than one possibly learns in 90."

So wrote a young woman in a 1979 letter that is perhaps the most haunting piece of evidence yet against the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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Everyone struggling to get info about cell phone tracking program

Categories: Police

Install Mobile Spy

Everyone from journalists to politicians to activists have been fighting for years to learn the details behind Minnesota's controversial Kingfish and Stingray cell phone tracking programs, but lately, the state's been leaving them empty-handed.

The Kingfish and Stingray devices are used across the country by at least 25 police departments, including Minnesota's, to collect cell phone data to pursue criminals. Because of how potentially invasive they could be, the devices are controversial, but what we actually know about them is pretty limited.

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Sen. Branden Petersen's cell phone tracking bill becomes law

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American Cannabis Company is counseling potential Minnesota pot producers

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Dank Depot
They won't say who, but the American Cannabis Company is counseling a group of "Minnesota-based entrepreneurs" who want to become manufacturers of the new state-sanctioned medicine.

ACC got off the ground last year in Colorado, working with local applicants, but has since expanded to include clients across the U.S. and as far as the eastern seaboard of Canada. Trent Woloveck, the company COO, says his team will be tasked with meeting Minnesota regulatory standards while "bringing what our best practices are from these more mature markets."

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Ron Powell gets 15 years for killing man with gun smuggled into Champions Bar via prosthetic leg

Ron Powell
A bizarre, tragic shooting last August 8 at Champions Bar resulted in a 15-year sentence for Ron Powell, who smuggled a gun into the now-closed bar via his prosthetic leg.

Powell, a 43-year-old Minneapolis resident, was hanging out at the former Lake Street dive when another man started punching him. He fired at his assailant, injuring him, but one of his shots hit innocent bystander Mark Stephenson, 51, who later died from his injuries.

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Stillwater church's sign vandalized to read, "God bless the KKK" [PHOTO]

The pastor, asked about suspects, says, "It looks to be like somebody who is a white supremacist."
Pastor John Kaiyalethe was summoned to work on his day off yesterday when the Oak Park Heights Police Department let him know somebody had vandalized the sign at his church, the Calvary Assembly, which sits just across the border from Stillwater at 5805 Osgood Avenue N.

The lettering of the sign, which had read "God Bless Oak Park Heights," had been changed to read, "God Bless the KKK."

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