Columbia Arena, Mighty Ducks Movie Site, Has an Undignified Last Chapter

Courtesy Robert Henry
Henry snuck into the old rink of movie fame to snap this photo of its sad state.

Robbinsdale photographer Robert Henry gravitates toward shots of the decrepit. Old homes with their abandoned artifacts and personal histories produce the biggest daggers to the heart.

Sometimes a hockey rink can produce pangs as well. Such was the case last Saturday.

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Minnesota's Ex-felons Can Have Guns with Silencers, But They Can't Vote

Categories: Politics

Jason Sole
Jason Sole went from prison to having a Ph.D., but he won't be able to vote for another 11 years.

Thanks to the Minnesota Legislature, everyone can now own guns with silencers -- ex-felons are no exception -- but many still can't vote.

Minnesota had a clear shot this session at finally restoring voting rights for 47,000 people on parole or probation. But the Republican House leadership edited the measure out of a judiciary bill. When that bill eventually passed in late April, it legalized silencers to great cheers from the gun lobby.

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Welcome to the Future: Get the Lowdown on Our New Facebook Commenting System

Categories: Media

Impassion Afghanistan
Today is the dawn of a new era for City Pages. We're switching to Facebook commenting.

You're on Facebook all the time already. Why log into a new system so you can comment on City Pages' articles that inspire, provoke, and let you know what's happening around the Twin Cities?

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Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar Want Higher Minimum Wage Yet Don't Pay Their Interns

Categories: Workers

Sen. Al Franken's Facebook page
Perhaps the young man with the senator was just hired as an intern?

Minnesota's Democratic senatorial dynamic duo, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, stood proud with their brethren late last month to introduce a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $12 by 2020.

This at the same time both expect their interns to work for free.

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Dan Kellogg Sails Home to Minnetonka in a Souped-Up Pirate Ship

Robert Pittman
It's a pirate's life for Minnesota dad Dan Kellogg.

Dan Kellogg, a 49-year-old father of three from Minnetonka, is currently sailing up the Mississippi River in a brand new, 55-foot pirate ship.

He's aspired to the pirate life since his boyhood days of living in the Bahamas with his old man, who taught on the islands in the 1960s. As he got older, he fell in love with the buried history of real-life pirates, the archaeological excavations of their lairs, and their swashbuckling tiffs with the Royal Navy.

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Derek Hexum, Charged in Double Murder, Was Just Sentenced in Another Attempted Killing

Categories: Crime

Lyon County Jail
Derek Hexum, along with his older brother Devin, shot a Granite Falls man last July.

Daniel L. Scheff was no stranger to trouble. His rap sheet of drinking- and drug-related charges swallows an entire page.

Last summer, during one shady moment, Scheff made nice with the Hexum brothers, Devin and Derek. Unbeknownst to him, the siblings were way out of Scheff's criminal league.

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Chaos Reigns as Minnesota Legislators Pass Bills They Haven't Read

Categories: Politics

The UpTake
Pleas for information on the bill up for a vote went ignored Monday night.

These are strange days in Minnesota politics. As the 2015 legislative session devolved into chaos with little to show for five months of squabbling over how to spend the state's $2 billion surplus, the House Majority passed a $110 million jobs and energy bill that most lawmakers did not actually read.

They did this in the very last minute before Monday's midnight deadline to close out the session.

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[UPDATE] Minnesota Legislature Just Voted to Take the People Out of Pollution Control

Justin Meissen

UPDATE: This morning Governor Mark Dayton vetoed the omnibus ag, environment, and natural resources finance bill, writing in his veto letter that the bill "undermines decades of environmental protections." The fate of the Citizens' Board will be decided in a special session of the legislature.

While the rest of the Twin Cities slept Monday night, the Minnesota legislature quietly snuffed out local control over pollution from factory farms, industrial waste facilities, and mining.

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Minnesota's Eight Active Hate Groups Are Struggling

Categories: Longform

Illustration by Brett Ryder

Since 2001, the Southern Poverty Law Center has published its annual hate group list, billed as the country's definitive who's who of organized bigotry and venom. It includes such luminaries as the American Nazi Party, Nation of Islam, and the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

The center, based in Montgomery, Alabama, has certainly earned its credibility.

The Klan firebombed its headquarters. White supremacists targeted its founder and leading light Morris Dees for murder. The center once scored a $7 million judgment against the United Klans of America for lynching a black Alabama teenager. Included in the spoils was the deed to the Klan's 7,000-square-foot clubhouse.

Each year, the SPLC's 15-member investigative staff gathers police reports and intelligence from field sources. Its most recent report identified 800-plus active hate groups across the country.

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Governor Dayton, Democrats Wuss Out to Mining Interests Over Clean Water

Children are most vulnerable to water with high levels of sulfates.

Gov. Mark Dayton's administration and fellow Democrats like Rep. Carly Melin of Hibbing spun the agreement on water pollution as a compromise.

But last week's deal, which allows iron mines to continue operating without complying with current sulfate discharge limits, really amounts to capitulation to an industry that's hardly in the business of environmental stewardship.

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