Pennies and Nickels Cost More Than They're Worth

Categories: Money

Public domain, via Pixabay
Do we really need the penny?
America still spends more money producing pennies and nickels than the coins are actually worth, despite scientists' best efforts to drive down costs.

The U.S. Mint has made pretty good progress lately in developing cheaper ways to create coins, but the latest statistics leave us wondering: Do we really still need pennies?

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Lonnie Johnson Accidentally Texted Drug Court Looking for Dope

Categories: Crime, Drugs

Winona County Sheriff
When looking for drugs, remember to double-check your texts

Accidentally texting the wrong person ranks right up there with the embarrassing reply-all and the late-night butt-dial as one of the great faux pas of the digital age.

Fortunately, the damage can usually be undone with a quick apology. Not so in Lonnie Johnson's case.

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Cargill's Millions in Campaign Gifts and Lobbying Brings in Billions of Federal Loot

Categories: Politics

Courtesy of wikipedia
MN-Proud: Cargill is getting a monster return on its political spending.

Minnetonka-based Cargill, Inc., America's largest privately held corporation, has pocketed more than $1 billion in federal business as a result of its political pull.

The Sunlight Foundation, a Washington, D.C. money-in-politics watchdog group, found that Cargill invested almost $10 million in campaign contributions and lobbying between 2007 and 2012, making it one of the Top 200 sugar daddies on Capitol Hill. Its generosity, quite naturally, didn't go unnoticed.

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Silent March through Downtown an Eerie Reminder of Homeless Dead

Categories: Health, Housing

Photo by Susan Du

From the guy riding the trains all night to the kid curled up on a sofa in the library, the Twin Cities' homeless drifters are easy to spot but quickly forgotten.

Thursday night, about 100 silent marchers cut a wide path from the Hennepin County Government Center to the Simpson United Methodist Church, hoisting a 10-foot tall effigy of a ghost-face homeless man to make people look a little closer at the people who have died in the streets this year.

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Critics: Why Are Protesters So Hellbent on Inconveniencing Everyone?

Enacting social change can be inconvenient
As word spread of the planned Black Lives Matter protest at the Mall of America this Saturday, critics came out of the woodwork to decry the gall of these demonstrators. How dare they disrupt my last-minute Christmas shopping with something that I personally don't care about? What gives them the right to inconvenience the hardworking masses?

The same exasperation sprung up when protesters decided to shut down 35W. Regular citizens deserve to get to work, the logic goes -- to get to the store, to get on with their lives without such intrusive inconvenience.

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[UPDATE] Ex-Timberwolves Stiff Darko Milicic Loses Professional Kickboxing Debut

Screenshot, via TheMaless on YouTube
Not a great start to Darko's kickboxing career

One of the softest, most-overpaid (KAAAHHHNNN!) players in Timberwolves history lost his professional kickboxing debut in Russia yesterday.

Darko didn't look too bad in the first round of the fight, flashing more aggression than he ever did underneath the boards, but the fight was stopped early in the second round because of a deep cut on his shin.

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Three Kittens Discovered Inside Dumpster in Taped-Up Box

Categories: Animals, Crime

abcrumley, via Creative Commons

Some people are just the worst. Last week a property manager in Hudson heard loud meowing coming from a dumpster near Buffalo Wild Wings, and when he investigated further he found a shipping box taped shut with three kittens inside.

Kathi Pelnar, the city's animal control worker, responded to the man's call on December 11 around 11:30 a.m. She estimated the kittens were between six and eight weeks old.

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Minnesota's Soldiers Honored at Antietam Memorial Illumination

Photo courtesy of the National Park Service
The Maryland Memorial during the Antietam National Battlefield Memorial Illumination

Last weekend, as the sun began to dip on on hundreds of hallowed acres in western Maryland, an army of volunteers knelt down, fire in hand, lighting more than 23,000 candles.

It's a ritual that has taken place every December since 1988 at the Antietam National Battlefield just outside the town of Sharpsburg.

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Rep. Joe Atkins Reverses Course: There's No Evidence of Powdered Alcohol's Danger

Categories: Booze

Photo by TMAB2003

Mark Phillips, the mastermind behind Palcohol -- powdered alcohol -- probably feels like everyone's out to get him right about now.

His just-add-water booze novelty won't be available for mass consumption until February 2015, but lawmakers across the country are preemptively aborting it from liquor store shelves. Their reasoning: Folks are gonna start snorting it and kids will want to sprinkle it over their Wheaties.

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Bakery Forced to Close When Owner Christina Hanson Develops Gluten Allergy

Categories: Food

Timeless Traditions Facebook
Christina Hanson says her gluten allergy made it too difficult to continue baking

In a sad twist of fate, a bakery owner in Willmar developed a gluten allergy this summer that caused asthma attacks bad enough to force her to shut down her business.

Christina Hanson, who owns Timeless Traditions Cakes and Confections with her husband Travis, says her new gluten intolerance made it too difficult to work with regular flour, and she doesn't have the necessary expertise working with gluten-free products to switch over.

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