DFL Rep. Clark says bill requiring swimming instruction in schools is "a civil rights issue"

Rep. Karen Clark
A bill authored by Rep. Karen Clark, D-Minneapolis, would make Minnesota the first state in the country to require swimming instruction for public school students.

The bill comes on the heels of two recent incidents where Somali students drowned in school pools, but Clark says it's intended to address a problem that goes back decades.

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Was this hit by Wild's Matt Cooke dirty? [VIDEO]

Categories: Wild
Tony Nelson
Wild forward Matt Cooke has earned a reputation as a dirty player. (Check out our post about his five nastiest hits here.) But when he signed with the Minnesota Wild last summer, the 35-year-old Cooke said he had turned a new leaf. We profiled the "new Cooke" in an October feature story.

Cooke managed to keep his nose clean most of this season, but last night, he embroiled himself in controversy once again with a very questionable hit on star Colorado defenseman Tyson Barrie.

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Strib editor Scott Gillespie admits decision to not ID TCF Bank CEO was "borderline"

Categories: Media
Scott Gillespie photo via Twitter
Yesterday, the Star Tribune published an anti-tax letter to the editor written by TCF Bank CEO William A. Cooper, but editors decided not to identify him as such and instead merely noted that Cooper resides in Wayzata (TCF is also headquartered there).

That call raised some eyebrows. After all, since Cooper and other TCF Bank execs stand to gain from low taxes on wealthy people, shouldn't his affiliation with a major bank be mentioned?

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Rare on-leash Kingfield dog attack leaves papillon dead, Mpls officials hunting for owner

A papillon like the one pictured was killed by another dog in Martin Luther King Park on Sunday evening.
Around 7 p.m. on Easter in Kingfield's Martin Luther King Park, a dog described as a pitbull/boxer mix tore away from its owner and went after a smaller papillon.

When the dust settled, the papillon was dead. But instead of cooperating with the papillon's owner, the owner of the pitbull/boxer mix was "uncooperative" and left the scene.

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Black Minnesotans way more likely to get arrested for marijuana than whites, report says

Categories: Marijuana
Outside the Hennepin County Government Center, Nicole Simms highlights the findings of a report she authored for Minnesota 2020
A new report published by Minnesota 2020 reiterates what cannabis activists have been saying for years, in some cases decades -- that marijuana reform is not merely a matter of medical necessity but of civil rights.

Relying on FBI statistics from 2011, the progressive think tank found that black Minnesotans are 6.4 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites. That figure is twice the national average and mostly represents men under the age of 25.

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Minneapolis among best cities for recent college grads, study says

Categories: Lists, Minneapolis
Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Bureau
Studies published both last year and in 2012 ranked the Twin Cities among the top 10 metros for college grads. A new study published by Livability.com indicates that remains the case this year, at least as far as Minneapolis is concerned.

The study ranks Minneapolis as the fifth-best city in the country for recent college grads.

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Star Tribune publishes anti-tax letter written by TCF Bank CEO and doesn't identify him

Categories: Media
:::: UPDATE :::: Strib editor Scott Gillespie admits decision to not ID TCF Bank CEO was "borderline"

Today's Star Tribune "Readers Write" page features an anti-tax letter entitled "All are burdened when upper incomes are" penned by a Wayzata resident named William A. Cooper.

But unless there are two William A. Coopers in Wayzata, it appears the writer isn't just some Joe Blow off the street. That's because William A. Cooper is the CEO of Wayzata-based TCF Bank.

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Catch as catch can: Replacing Mauer behind the plate

Categories: Baseball

Tony Nelson
When Joe Mauer finally announced in the off-season that he would no longer be manning the plate for the Minnesota Twins, fans and pundits alike who had been clamoring for such a move felt a sense of vindication.

But then the next cleat dropped: Who the hell was going to catch? Mauer's natural athletic ability, general unflappability and knowledge of the game were all taken for granted behind the plate to the point that his effectiveness seemed almost invisible even close observers. Mauer was insistent for years that he only wanted to play catcher, and that has something to do with his quiet (many would say too quiet) leadership - the guy who was also one of the top quarterbacks in the country when he was in high school wants the ball in his hands.

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Amy Senser to be released from prison after serving less than two years

Categories: Crime, Law
amy senser mugs rect.jpg
Following her conviction for criminal vehicular homicide in connection with the August 2011 hit-and-run death of True Thai chef Anousone Phanthavong, Amy Senser entered prison on July 9, 2012. She'll be released this week.

A Department of Corrections official tells us Senser will be transferred to a "community correctional facility," where she'll take part in a work release program. She'll remain there until October 20.

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Uptown Vapor Shoppe removes "No Statutory Vape" sign following Facebook outcry

A Facebook screencap of the controversial sign and what people had to say about it.
Uptown Vapor Shoppe has been open at 2817 Hennepin Avenue for a year. Since day one, the business has had a sign in its window that says, "No Statutory Vape."

The sign's reference is meant to be to a store policy prohibiting minors from purchasing products. It had never been an issue until last Friday, when the Vapor Shoppe's Facebook page was slammed by commenters decrying the sign for making light of statutory rape.

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