Vikings' Adrian Peterson Indicted for Allegedly Hitting Minnesota Child with Tree Branch


According to multiple reports, Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson has reportedly been indicted by a grand jury for allegedly hitting an 11-year-old child from Minnesota at his home in Texas.

The reports say that a warrant was issued for Peterson's arrest this afternoon from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Texas. The case stems from Peterson allegedly punishing the young boy using a "switch" - a centuries-old form of discipline that involves using a branch from a tree.

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Prison Rape: It's Just a Joke, Guys

The latest controversial Chino Latino advertisement
Yesterday, we shared the story of Minneapolis residents successfully petitioning against Chino Latino's latest offensive billboard which bragged that the restaurant has "The freshest meat outside of a prison."

An overwhelming number of commenters thought it was fine or didn't get why the "joke" was offensive... so we wanted to take the opportunity to open up a discussion and showcase some of those thoughts.

We like jokes! But there's also a time and a place for some jokes.

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Felon Richard Rahn Suspected of Impersonating Military Officer, Gets Busted with Guns

Categories: Crime, Military

Facebook photo

Initially, police thought Richard Arthur Rahn was just an impostor, donning a military uniform full of pins, insignias, and medals he never earned as he made as way through VFW halls and events near his home in Willmar, Minnesota.

But when they investigated, they found worse. He was a felon, busted for drug possession and burglary. And they received numerous tips that he had guns -- illegal for felons to own. Police charged Rahn earlier this week for the gun possession, but if his lying catches up to him, he could end up facing far worse.

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Sen. Al Franken's and Amy Klobuchar's Constitutional Amendment Is Shot Down

Categories: Congress
franken klobuchar rect.jpg
U.S. senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar
The U.S. Senate blocked a constitutional amendment Thursday that would've allowed states and the federal government to put caps on corporate political spending.

The fact that it got to the floor at all may be the biggest surprise here. Every Republican voted against the amendment, and every Dem who was present voted for it, including U.S. senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, both co-sponsors.

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Vikings Nation One of the Largest in the Country, NFL Fandom Map Shows

Categories: Vikings
Eyton Z on Flickr Creative Commons
Imagine being a football fan in a city between two NFL markets -- Omaha, for example.

It's August, and you want to watch some NFL preseason action, so you turn on the TV. What game do you see? According to Vikings spokesperson Jeff Anderson, ensuring it's a Vikes broadcast is a high priority for the organization, which, according to a new map put together by ESPN, has one of the largest geographic fan bases of any NFL team.

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Downtown Minneapolis Church Holding "Photobombed by Jesus" Event

All photos courtesy of Debbie Friez
It sure beats speaking in tongues, doesn't it?
Sunday morning, the Central Lutheran Church invites you to come to downtown Minneapolis and get photobombed by the son of God... or a likeness of him, at least.

From 10-11 a.m., the church is holding a "Get Photo Bombed by Jesus" event in celebration of the beginning of autumn.

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Police: Lyle "Ty" Hoffman Arrested and Charged with Murder of Lush Co-founder Kelly Phillips

Categories: Crime
Lyle "Ty" Hoffman's booking photo
-- Updated following Thursday's second press conference with police --

This morning, Shakopee police arrested Lyle "Ty" Hoffman -- accused of murdering his onetime romantic and business partner, Kelly Phillips -- close to an Arby's near the Southbridge Crossing Shopping Center.

Five years ago, Hoffman and Phillips co-founded Lush Food Bar. Multiple reports have suggested their personal and professional relationship became strained over the years. At the time of his death, Phillips, 48, was engaged to another man.

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Vikings VP Lester Bagley's Minneapolis Home Reportedly Damaged by Attempted Arson

Categories: Crime, Vikings
-- Update at bottom including text from Bagley --

On Tuesday morning, a Lake of the Isles-area home on the 1800 block of Irving Ave. S. was damaged by "a possible arson," as Minneapolis Fire Department spokesperson Chérie Penn tells us.

Penn says that's all she knows about the incident. But KSTP, citing police sources, reports that the home belongs to Vikings VP Lester Bagley.

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Star of Stewart Mills's Latest Ad Has Off-Color Facebook Page

Mills (left) and Biondich
Stewart Mills's latest ad, "Steve," features a pro-Mills testimonial delivered by Steve Biondich, a union steelworker from Aurora.

The ad is a minute long, which means it's not cheap to run on TV. During it, Biondich blasts Rick Nolan for treating his district aloofly (allegedly) and not doing enough to stimulate the economy.

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No, the Pioneer Press Didn't Ironically Endorse Mitt Romney for President

Categories: Media
Pioneer Press staff say the paper's current owner, NYC-based hedge fund Alden Global Capital, is running it into the ground, and on Monday the newspaper guild ran an ad in the Star Tribune asking Alden to sell.

With the PiPress having established itself as the slightly more conservative Twin Cities alternative to the Star Tribune, that news got some people thinking -- Hey, didn't they endorse that hedge fund guy Mitt Romney for president two years ago? And now the newsroom is upset about hedge funds? Pretty ironic!

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