SDS says protestors dressed like Guantanamo prisoners will attend Condi Rice's speech

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The U of M characterizes Rice as "recognized for her effort to foster freedom and democracy," but to the SDS, she's a war criminal.
The University of Minnesota Senate recently voted down a resolution calling for the cancelation of Condoleezza Rice's Humphrey School speech, which is set for 5 p.m. tonight at the Northrop Auditorium as part of the "Distinguished Carlson Lecture Series."

But a group of students, faculty, and community members are planning a protest for 4:30 p.m. at the Northrop Plaza that'll continue throughout Rice's speech. One of the protest's organizers, U of M senior and Students for a Democratic Society member Nick Theis, says he expects up to 300 people to turn out for it.

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Snowdiculous: Top images from Minnesota's April snowstorm

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@jenyoung18 on Twitter
After the winter we just endured, Minnesotans couldn't be blamed for experiencing some PTSD this morning when we woke up, saw white stuff on the ground, and heard the sound of ice being scraped off cars in driveways and on streets.

Of course, we tend to forget that the Twin Cities was rocked by a bigger snowstorm even later in the spring last year, but no matter -- it's mid-April and we don't deserve this crap anymore, dammit.

To help ease the pain a bit, we've compiled the best 10 April snowstorm-related images we've seen on Twitter below the jump.

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With chlamydia at all-time high, MN Dept of Health focusing on STD awareness

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It's not exactly breaking news, but less condom use leads to more STDs. "Certainly, risky behaviors are a factor," an MDH official says.
Last year was a record one for bacterial STDs in Minnesota, with chlamydia rates and raw cases at all-time highs, gonorrhea up 26 percent, and syphilis up a whopping 64 percent.

This morning, we got in touch with Kristen Ehresmann -- director of the Minnesota Department of Health's infectious disease epidemiology, prevention, and control division -- and asked her what she thinks explains all those STDs.

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Kevin McDonough, former vicar general, questioned about handling of sex abuse cases

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Artwork by Martin Ontiveros
Attorney Jeff Anderson questioned a second top official of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis on Wednesday and again walked away complaining that he'd been cheated out of time.

Father Kevin McDonough, a former vicar general, was supposed to undergo eight hours of court-ordered testimony in preparation for a civil sex abuse trial, but Anderson claims he only got six and a half.

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Viral photo of Vikings player Josh Samuda's gruesome injury was mostly luck, photog says

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Samuda (pictured) suffered a horrific ankle injury during a non-contact drill.
On Tuesday, Pioneer Press photographer Ben Garvin was given an assignment that's usually pretty mundane -- shooting photos of a Vikings offseason workout.

"Really not much news but anytime the Vikings do anything it's covered," Garvin tells us.

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2013 was record year for chlamydia in Minnesota

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It's all fun and games until it burns when you pee.
:::: UPDATE :::: With chlamydia at all-time high, MN Dept of Health focusing on STD awareness

New statistics released by the Minnesota Department of Health indicate both the state's chlamydia rate and the raw number of reported cases has never been higher than it was last year.

In 2013, there were 18,724 reported cases. That translates to 353 out of 100,000 Minnesotans getting "the clap." Minneapolis has the highest chlamydia rate of any city in the state, with 933 out of 100,000 City of Lakes residents getting it last year.

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Conservative U of M Morris paper cries foul after professor asks people to throw it away

PZ Myers
Last November, in an article meant to be satire, the Morris Northstar ran a photo of Trayvon Martin's dead face with this caption -- "Trayvon Martin, victim of racism and fascism, and what does [school administration] have to say about it? Nothing. Not a single thing."

That passage prompted Morris biology professor PZ Myers to write on his blog that the Northstar "has worn out its welcome and must go. Treat their scattered papers as hate-filled trash and dispose of it appropriately."

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MNGOP senators pen fear-mongering anti-pot letter, write that ganja "rips families apart"

Ingebrigtsen (left) and Rosen regard efforts to legalize weed as "a direct attack at our way of life in Minnesota."
An anti-medical marijuana letter co-written by MNGOP Sens. Julie Rosen and Bill Ingebrigtsen reminds us of some of the crazy stuff you would've read about pot nearly a century ago.

The letter, which is addressed to Rosen and Ingebrigtsen's Senate colleagues, describes marijuana as a "devastatingly addictive drug" that "rips families apart, devastates relationships and destroys communities."

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Julianne Ortman distributes ridiculous petition protesting secretly recorded Franken joke video

Ortman is easily offended, it seems.
In a petition published on her Facebook page yesterday, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Julianne Ortman says a recently released secret recording of Al Franken joking around in an Arizona driveway shows he "still doesn't take women seriously."

But really the only thing the petition demonstrates is how hard it is to take Ortman's campaign seriously.

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Meth lab found in nice southwest Minneapolis neighborhood

Gonser (left) and Johnson
Members of the U.S. Marshals North Star Fugitive Task Force got a rude awakening when they tried to apprehend a fugitive at a house at 5137 Abbott Avenue South in the Fulton neighborhood of southwest Minneapolis last Friday morning.

When officers entered the home behind 37-year-old Jeremy Gonser, who was wanted for two felony counts of drug possession and another count of gross misdemeanor theft, their eyes began to itch and burn. The scent of chemicals wafted in the air.

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