Richard Stulz, County Attorney Going After Medical Cannabis Mom, Is Running Unopposed

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Marijuana Growers Headquarters
Do you think Richard Stulz, Lac Qui Parle County attorney, is doing a good job spending taxpayer dollars by going after Angela Brown, the mother who gave her son medical cannabis to treat a brain injury?

Apparently, other attorneys in Lac Qui Parle County are apathetic about that question, as according to the Minnesota Secretary of State's website, Stulz is running for reelection without opposition this year.

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Ex-Viking Husain Abdullah Penalized for Praying After Touchdown [VIDEO]

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Abdullah with the Vikings back in 2008
Somewhere, Michele Bachmann nods her head in approval.
-- Update at bottom --

controversial month for the NFL is concluding on a fitting note, as the league finds itself taking heat this morning after Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah was penalized for celebrating his Monday Night Football pick-six on Tom Brady with a prayer in the end zone.

Abdullah, a Viking from 2008 through 2011, is a devout Muslim who actually sat out last season to make a pilgrimage to Mecca. After the game, he downplayed the controversy, but others weren't so charitable to the NFL.

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Twins Fire Ron Gardenhire: Top Tweets

Categories: Twins
Ron Gardenhire (left); Terry Ryan (right)
In an unusual move, Gardy attended the press conference that served as his funeral as Twins manager.
Yesterday, an era of Twins baseball came to an end, as the organization fired Ron Gardenhire, the second-winningest manager in club history (1,068 wins, behind Tom Kelly) and the first to finish his Minnesota tenure with a record over .500 since Bill Rigney left town more than 40 years ago.

As with a relationship finally broken off long after it went stale and despite both parties' best efforts to save it, the reaction to Gardy's firing, generally speaking, was one of sad resignation. That didn't stop some people from doing their best to turn Twins fans' frowns upside down with 140-character quips, however. Below are the best tweets we saw about the Twins and their longtime skipper mutually deciding to move on.

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Study: More Than 40 Percent of Minnesota's Workers Don't Have Paid Sick Days

Categories: Unions

Robert Couse-Baker

Everyone's been there. Waking up on a weekday morning, so nauseous or bleary-eyed from a brutal cold or flu that even reaching for the phone is a chore. For most, the solution's easy -- call in sick, put your face back on your pillow, and recover.

And yet according to a new study from the Institute for Women's Policy Research, more than 40 percent of Minnesota's workers don't have that choice. Instead, they're stuck with two options: head to work in their unkempt, unsanitary state, or stay home and lose their pay.

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Wait, Did Michele Bachmann Just Urge America to Straight-Up Declare War on Islam? [VIDEO]

Bachmann fretted about "the rise of radical Islamic jihad -- though that's redundant."
The liberal media is having a field day with the speech Michele Bachmann offered up at last week's Values Voters Summit 2014 in Washington, D.C.

More than one outlet interpreted her "breathtakingly bigoted" speech as flatly urging America to "declare war on Islam." A more charitable view might interpret her as at least trying to distinguish between radical Islam and more moderate types, but any attempt to make that distinction is complicated by blunt statements she made like this one: "Yes, Mr. President, it is about Islam!"

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Hennepin Co. Attorney Accuses Subcontractor of Shortchanging Laborers $257,000

Categories: Unions
Jesse Marx
Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman and Johnnie Burns, right, of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
A subcontractor is facing substantial charges.

The Hennepin County Attorney's Office on Monday announced criminal charges against Thomas Clifton and Earl Standafer, the principal owners of C&S Electric in Lake Elmo. Each has been slapped with one count of theft by swindle, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail and a $100,000 fine.

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Comment of the Day: In Defense of the Star Tribune's Anti-Transgender Ad

The transgender pride flag.
Though some readers threatened to cancel their subscriptions in response to the anti-transgender ad that ran in Sunday's Star Tribune, Dennis Jansen, an engagement manager at Thomson Reuters, argues the paper made the right call.

That's not because he doesn't support the LGBT cause. Instead, Jansen points out that by letting groups like the Minnesota Child Protection League espouse their hurtful views, media outlets like the Strib give them enough rope to hang themselves, so to speak.

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Council Member Blong Yang Defends Involvement in Community Action of Mpls

Yang, a first-term council member, doesn't think he should take heat for a scandal that took place before he became involved with the nonprofit.
On the same day officials raided Community Action of Minneapolis, a nonprofit accused in a state audit of misappropriating $800,000 in taxpayers dollars, Minneapolis City Council member Blong Yang defended his short tenure on the organization's board of directors.

Yang, who was appointed to the board early this year -- the audit in question covered 2011 to 2013 -- told us he agreed to serve on Community Action's board at the behest of City Council President Barb Johnson.

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Angela Brown, Medical Cannabis Mom, Due in Court Today; Charges Haven't Been Dropped

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Courtesy of Angela Brown
Angela Brown and her son, Trey.
:::: UPDATE :::: Richard Stulz, County Attorney Going After Medical Cannabis Mom, is Running Unopposed

Last month, we told you about Angela Brown, the Madison, Minnesota resident who was charged with two gross misdemeanors for giving cannabis extracts to her teenage son, Trey, to treat a traumatic brain injury he suffered in 2011.

Brown's story generated quite a stir, mostly among people who couldn't begin to understand why the Lac Qui Parle county attorney, Richard Stulz, thought it was a good idea to press charges in this case. But the controversy apparently didn't deter Stulz, as this morning Brown is due in court in Montevideo, where she plans to enter a "not guilty" plea.

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Star Tribune Runs Anti-Transgender Ad [IMAGE]

-- Update at bottom --

Yesterday, the Star Tribune upset many of its LGBT-friendly readers by running an anti-transgender ad paid for by the Minnesota Child Protection League.

The ad urges parents to contact Minnesota State High School League officials ahead of a meeting later this week and ask them not to approve a new policy that would allow transgender students to participate in athletics based on their gender identity.

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