Jordyn Leopold's Letter Brings Dad Jordan Leopold Back to the Wild

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Leopold via NHLPA, Letter via @KFAN1003

Jordan Leopold's 11-year-old daughter, Jordyn, missed her father and wanted him to come back to Minnesota, where the Leopolds live year-round.

Earlier this winter she wrote a handwritten letter asking the Wild to trade for her dad, a 12-year NHL veteran who had already been traded once this season. Yesterday the Wild actually obliged, sending a fifth-found pick and Justin Falk to the Columbus Blue Jackets to bring the native Minnesotan back home for a Stanley Cup playoff run.

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Woman Sparks Fight at Wild Game With Well-Placed Sucker-Punch

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Screenshot of @AvsHaveMyHeart on Twitter
The bad blood between the two teams spilled into the stands Saturday night

The Wild's 3-1 win over the Colorado Avalanche Saturday was full of cheap shots both on and off the ice.

The game was in Denver, but we could've sworn it was a Wild home game at times. Loud "Let's go Wild" and "Duuuuube" chants could be heard on FSN's broadcast every time Wild goalie Devin Dubnyk made a good save. Classy Avs fans handled it with grace.

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Amanda Zahui B Is the Best Minnesota Sports Star You've Never Heard Of

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Screenshot of Minnesota Gophers on YouTube
The 6-5 sophomore from Stockholm is breaking records and taking names

It's time Minnesota sports fans got to know Amanda Zahui B. The 6-5 sophomore center from Stockholm, Sweden has been an absolute monster for Gophers women's basketball as it makes an unlikely push toward its first NCAA tournament berth in five years.

On February 17 she put up an eye-popping line of 39 points, 29 rebounds and four blocks, carrying the U of M to a victory over 13th-ranked Iowa. Four days later, it was 27 points, 27 rebounds and five blocks in a double overtime win over Michigan. After a down game at Nebraska (12 points, six rebounds), she returned to form yesterday, registering another 22 points, 21 rebounds and seven blocks in a Gophers loss at Iowa.

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A Student Loan Debt Strike is Launched; Congressman John Kline Owns the Blame

Zenith Education Group
Despite closing or selling dozens of campuses, Corinthian College Inc. was one of Rep. John Kilne's most generous campaign contributors in 2014.

"Jill B' was in her fifth month attending Everest Institute. She was $15,000 in the hole in federal student loans. Every day she regretted choosing to enroll at the for-profit university and she was pissed at herself for not doing the research.

She took to an online message board where she characterized the instructor heading the medical assistant class as indifferent to learning, even destructive. "My teacher graduated from Everest in 2006 and has never [had] a medical assisting job.... She tells us on a daily basis that she wants to quit."

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Duluth Residents Recall Life Next to a Waste Dump

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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Before everything died.

When Bill Majewski moved to Morgan Park in Duluth in 1965, he was 30 years old and starting a job as a city planner. People told him not to buy a house next to the St. Louis River. U.S. Steel had been dumping all kinds of toxic sludge in it since World War I.

But he couldn't say no to that big beautiful house.

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Kurt Daudt Dubiously Claims Republicans are Responsible for Minnesota's Whopping Surplus

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Daudt's official state photo
Nice try Kurt

The state capitol was abuzz Friday with the news that Minnesota's budget surplus has swollen to almost $2 billion, up more than $800 million from the last estimate. Democrats, Mark Dayton and Republicans scrambled behind the scenes to set priorities for all of this newfound cash, while special interests made it rain press releases lobbying for a piece of the action.

House Majority Leader Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) seized the opportunity to spin the fruits of Minnesota's long-term economic growth as a statewide endorsement of Republicans taking control of the House just three months ago.

"I think that part of this economic confidence has to do with the fact that there's balance restored in state government," he told an incredulous capitol press corps Friday.

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Mayor Hodges Calls Out Nicole Curtis on Facebook for Inciting Her Army of Trolls

Tony Webster via Flickr
Curtis holding her dog during a candlelight vigil she held for 2320 Colfax last summer

Nicole Curtis, a reality TV star with about 725,000 Facebook fans, doesn't like Minneapolis City Council member Lisa Bender.

Curtis blames Bender for allowing a 122-year-old house (2320 Colfax, a.k.a. the Orth House) in Bender's ward to be demolished. Occasionally Curtis, who owns a home in Bender's ward, posts online to tell her massive fan base about how Bender lied and collaborated with developers so the house could be destroyed.

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Three Miles of New Protected Bike Lanes Planned Parallel to Midtown Greenway [UPDATE]

City of Minneapolis
The new bike lanes will take away either parking or a lane of motorized traffic

Minneapolis came in an embarrassing third place in the latest rankings of America's best bike cities, and to help fix that Mayor Betsy Hodges ponied up $790,000 for new protected bike lanes in her 2015 budget.

Yesterday the Star Tribune reported that nearly three miles of protected bike lanes are being recommended for East 26th and 28th Streets between Portland and Hiawatha when those streets are repaved this summer.

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Convicted Cattle Thief Dale Douglas Charged with Beagle Murder

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Winona County Sheriff
Douglas was charged with shooting his neighbor's beagle with a pellet gun

On February 20 a beagle was let outside for 20 minutes to run around in rural Winona County. When it returned home it was short of breath, acting sick, and had a mysterious wound in its right side.

The owner called the Winona County Sheriff, but by the time a deputy arrived the beagle was already dead. Three days later, the dog owner's 46-year-old neighbor, a convicted cattle rustler named Dale Douglas, admitted to shooting the dog, according to charges filed Wednesday by the Winona County Attorney.

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Stillwater High Offers Varsity Letters for Off-the-Field Heroics

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Seventy Stillwater High School students are working to earn a varsity letter in community service.

Droves will descend upon the track at Stillwater Junior High School in early June. For the next 24 hours, they'll walk and run around the oval as participants in the Stillwater Relay for Life.

Organizers are bucking for 2,000 people to show up to raise money in the fight against the disease that just won't go away.

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