Johnnie Cochran's still on High Court docket

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Freedom-of-speech case might move forward even though famous respondent died Tuesday

The case, which was argued before the justices last week, concerns a former Cochran client named Ulysses Tory, who sued the LAPD, claiming he was injured in a shootout. Tory later maintained that Cochran conspired against him with the city of Los Angeles.

By the late '90s, Tory and a group of hired hands were picketing outside of Cochran's office, holding up signs that said things like "Hey Johnnie, How Much Did They Pay $ $ You to F--- Me?" In 2000, Cochran filed suit against Tory for defamation and won. (Tory chose to represent himself.) As a result, the California court ordered Tory to stop harassing Cochran, to stay 300 yards away from him or his office, and never to speak about him or his law firm again in a public forum.

It's the very last condition that's at issue. Read more about it here.

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