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Profilers, Prozac, and Plame 

In the Strib: A relatively thoughtful--and surprisingly unsensational--tour of Jeff Weise's psyche through the window of his many posts to internet sites; a token, witless "profiling" story (is there an FBI profile of children who grow up to be insipid reporters?); goths demand cultural sensitivity.

In the Pi-Press: Aron Kahn on the University of Minnesota/TCF push for a Gophers Stadium package at the lege; the DFL-controlled state Senate pushes Pawlenty and the GOP on taxes; the manager of state GOP chair Ron Eibensteiner's 2003 campaign for the post, Bill Pulkrabek, announces he'll run for the chair against Eibensteiner.

Other dailies: Gentrifying cities: no kids allowed (NYT); a consortium of journalism organizations has filed an amicus brief in the Robert Novak/Valerie Plame leak case (WashPost); Scientologists' delight: Jeff Weise was taking Prozac! 

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