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Don't tell it, sell it

In the Strib: UM Prez Bob Bruininks likes the U's plan to become "a bit more Ivy League and a little less blue-collar" (way to sell it, Mary Jane--these days, when there's detectable bias in the Strib's news reportage and packaging, it's almost always conservative bias); bonding bill passes at the lege; and--actually, you can pretty much skip the rest (see separate item on Hatch v. Pawlenty, above).

In the Pi-Press: Driven by oil and raw materials prices, inflation rears its head.

Other dailies: Presidential commission concludes the US's pre-Iraq War intelligence findings were "dead wrong" in almost every respect (NYT); duck, everybody--Tina Brown is thinking big thoughts about media again (WashPost); the right-wing, Moonie-owned Washington Times frets over the meaning of GWB's declining poll standing (35 percent approval on Social Security).  

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