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The left launches new Web sites, television station

In response to the oft-criticized conservative news-link clearing house the Drudge Report, Salon columnist and frequent Real Time with Bill Maher guest Arianna Huffington will launch a new lefty/celeb blog, The Huffington Report, next month. The New York Observer reports that guest bloggers will include Sen. John Corzine, Barry Diller, and, ummm...Warren Beatty and Gwyneth Paltrow. (Please, don't dish any info about life with Apple and Annette.)  And Gawker Media just launched a Brit-tabloid-style breaking-news site,, which publisher Nick Denton describes as "anarcho-capitalist." On Monday, former VP Al Gore announced plans for the 24-hour television network, which Gore said will be like a giant video blog you don't need a computer to watch, where viewers will be creating and contributing content. In other words, be ready for another onslaught of spurious "reality" stars bucking for their two minutes of fame.

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