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War based on made-up "intelligence" bad, gay marriage worse 

In the Strib: Minnesota gay marriage amendment bill (Dean Johnson calls it "the politics of distraction") passes the House, heads to Senate; the Polk County sheriff's deputy has suspended the deputy whose leaked email about the details of the Red Lake school shootings was published yesterday; and the inimitable (just try!) Neal Justin interviews new CBS Evening News anchor Bob Schieffer.

In the Pi-Press: More lege: money for St. Paul's transit system; a Stillwater 3M plant that makes decals for new cars is closing, and 200 jobs will be lost.

Other dailies: US government note to self: "crazy" intel sources bad (Guardian/UK); the prez commission on US intelligence failures also has harsh words for the FBI (NYT); North Korea demands disarmament talks, and the removal of US missiles from the region, as a condition of dismantling its own nuke program (LAT); Republicans and Democrats joust to gain political advantage from the Schiavo circus (WashPost).   

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