Oh, God!: Book two

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DeLay quotes a Nine Inch Nails song, the devil emerges for "Justice Sunday"

God's had a big week: There's a new pope; Tom DeLay claims the recent scrutiny he's faced has brought him closer to God. (God apparently loves people with zero ethics.); And Christian conservative and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has no plans to withdraw from a religious telecast being offered to churches, Christian radio stations, and television networks nationwide. The April 24th event, called "Justice Sunday" and sponsored by the Family Research Council, portrays Democrats as being "against people of faith" because they threatened to use filibusters against 10 of Bush's 215 judicial nominees.

To be sure, it's more of a carefully timed political Video News Release aimed at a core Republican audience than it is an actual religious event, and anyone who claims Frist is not using faith as a political divide is a fool or a liar. Karl Rove's modus operandi has always been to attack the Democrats? strengths, and in this case their (single) strength is upholding the Constitution by maintaining the separation of church and state. Let them burn in hell.

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