Deep Throat's identity revealed;
Bernstein the younger vindicated

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Believe the children: Notorious Watergate source was former FBI official W. Mark Felt--just as Carl Bernstein's kid assured fellow summer-campers back in 1988!

MSNBC today reports that Deep Throat, the anonymous government official who provided leads to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein at the height of the WashPost's Watergate coverage circa 1973-74, is outing himself in a July Vanity Fair feature. W. Mark Felt, a 91-year-old former FBI official, tells the mag that he was indeed DT.

Score one for Jacob Bernstein, the son of Carl Bernstein and Nora Ephron--who, at the age of eight or nine, told a fellow inmate at the Hampton Day School Camp on Long Island that "Deep Throat was Mark Felt, he's someone in the FBI. I'm 100% sure." It's all detailed in this now-confirmed 1999 Tim Noah piece from Slate.

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