The Whizzinator vs. Waconia

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Colliding airplanes barely edge out prosthetic penises

Google news tracks a weeks' worth of local stories that the media blows up, exploits, or virtually ignores. Big surprise: Anglers get more attention than the angling Gov.'s tired "no-new-tax" pledge, even as the Legislature has to scramble by considering raising license-tab fees and gas and cigarette taxes. But the Whizzinator just might beat them all:

Whizzinator: 214 results
collision + airport: 231 results
Waconia + school: 32 results
Vick + St. Paul: 295 results
"cigarette tax" + Minnesota: 40 results
"gas tax" + Minnesota: 108 results
"tab fee" + Minnesota: 4 results
Pawlenty + "no new taxes:" 52 results
fishing + opener + Minnesota: 59 results

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