6/1/2005: Morning Communique

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A Sherpa guide broke his own record and scaled Mount Everest for the 15th time on Tuesday, followed by 24 other climbers who also reached the world's highest peak.

The Massachusetts Legislature overrode Gov. Mitt Romney's veto and approved a bill designed to propel Massachusetts to the forefront of embryonic stem cell research.

Ronald Reagan unknowingly pardoned Deep Throat.


There's only one person in the world dedicated to the pursuit of all things Slarty. Get the 411 at Slarty's World.


Celebrate the second anniversary of Drinking Liberally tonight from 6:00 - 9:00 pm at Liquor Lyle's.

GPS Panties

Car aficionados who are comic book geeks will embrace the History of the Batmobile. Unless they're those snobs who only read Marvel, then to hell with them!


"It's an absurd allegation. The United States is a country that promotes freedom around the world."

-- Pres. George W. Bush, dismissing an Amnesty International report of U.S. mistreatment of terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

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