Strib turns on Twins stadium

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This may be the strongest sign yet that the Twins ballpark deal is dead in the water: In the past several days, the ever-boosterish Star Tribune has run a number of stories that cast aspersions on the Pohlad/Hennepin County deal: Jay Weiner's piece totaling up the combined costs of the touted Twins, Gophers, and Vikings stadiums; Mike Meyers's piece about the team's admission that a new ballpark would have no larger economic impact; Terry Fiedler's story about the stadium's substantial impact on the team's value; and, topping it all off, Mike Kaszuba's story about the rabid baseball town of St. Louis--where Cardinals owners nonetheless failed to win public subsidies for a new ballpark. 

The paper also reported last week that the developers of the proposed stadium site already has a plan B in hand if the deal is turned down at the Legislature.      

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