Ask Google: Who's your Scientologist daddy/mama?

We know that there are celebrities who are not Scientologists, but are there Scientologists who are not celebrities? Surely there must be--the church claims a worldwide membership of millions.

But it's the famous ones who get all the attention. So who's the Google king or queen of the creed founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950s? The following list shows the number of Google returns for these celeb names with the phrase "scientology OR scientologist" attached:

Tom Cruise 551,000
L. Ron Hubbard 495,000
Katie Holmes 211,000
John Travolta 43,900
Kirstie Alley 17,100
Mimi Rogers 13,300
Lisa Marie Presley 12,300
Priscilla Presley 4,370

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