George W. Bush tries on the blue dress?

New Zogby poll suggests Americans willing to consider impeachment proceedings against the prez

bush ball 060605.jpg
He may not have fondled an intern, but it appears that a startling number of Americans may be ready to hold George W. Bush to account nonetheless. According to a little-publicized Zogby poll last week, 42 percent of Americans believe that if the president deliberately misguided the country about Iraqi weapons in the march to war, Congress should impeach him.

The least predictable finding might be that 25 percent of Republicans would consider impeachment proceedings--a lot of potential defectors from the W. fan club.

As the Washington Post's Dan Froomkin writes in his ever-useful White House Briefing, impeachment is never going to happen with Republicans in control of the House. (President Bush would have to officiate at gay wedding for that to happen.) Yet these strong public sentiments, as Froomkin writes:

Suggest an appetite for more investigation into Bush's reasons for war and specifically--in light of the assertions in the Downing Street memos--whether his public rationales were in fact at all like his private rationales.

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