The Hit Parade Revisited

Categories: Crime
Two years ago Sherif Mahmoud Mansour was pulled over for drunk driving in South Minneapolis. While kneeling in the road on 35th Street, with his hands on top of his head, the native of Egypt was allegedly assaulted by multiple Minneapolis police officers.

Roughly a year later Mansour sued the City of Minneapolis in U.S. District Court. It was hardly a novel development: during the last decade the City of Minneapolis has paid out more than $10 million to settle civil rights cases stemming from run-ins with Minneapolis cops.

Mansour's case was highlighted in a July City Pages cover story documenting the Minneapolis Police Department's checkered history of police brutality. Last week Shulman signed off on a settlement that will pay his client $35,000 in taxpayer dollars.

"The nature of a settlemnt is that everyone walks away a little unhappy," reasons Shulman. "But he's ready to move on."

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