Rove/Plame: A Fitzmas crowd did gather

Okay, just short strokes this morning:

Raw Story reports that Patrick Fitzgerald will hold a press conference today at 1 pm central time. It's a foregone conclusion that Scooter Libby will be indicted.

Not Rove, however. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the investigation will be extended--and that Rove's lawyers have been advised he won't be indicted today, but "remains in legal jeopardy."

The NYT and WashPost, meanwhile, are diametrically opposed as to whether the Fitzgerald investigation will be extended. Times says yes; WashPost says no.

I'm betting the confusion stems from the matter of whether this grand jury will be extended (maybe not, since it has already been extended before) or a new one impaneled.

(Fitzmas card graphic from azstarnet.)

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