Sid predicts: The Twins will relocate to Jupiter if a stadium isn't built by Thursday

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In May I compiled a collection of blurbs from Sid Hartman's column over the years predicting, with unfailing inaccuracy, the death of the Minnesota Twins if the taxpayers didn't cough up money for a new stadium. As far back as 1994 he's been bloviating about how the team will be shipped off to some godforsaken locale (remember Mexico City?) or killed off completely.

Most reporters would be chastened when confronted with such a trove of evidence that they've shaded the truth and misled the public for more than a decade. But not the Great Sidoni! He's back at it again in this morning's Star Tribune. This time Sid trots out Gov. Tim Pawlenty to forecast death for the Twins if a stadium isn't built. The Governor might want to find someone with a little more credibility to shill for his stadium plans in the future.

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