12/12: Morning Communique


Steve Monaco has your Monday Movie Quiz at Couch Pundit.


The Colorado Springs evangelical Christian group Focus on the Family is pressing for a measure that would ban not only gay marriage but also same-sex civil unions or domestic partnerships in Colorado.

People lacking any sense of fashion no longer need worry about their scarf clashing with their clothes this winter - researchers have created one that automatically changes color to suit an outfit.

A substitute teacher at Lake Shore Middle School in Florida was arrested on a charge of possession of cocaine in a classroom full of students.


Amy is a writer and a knitter, living with her two sons and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in suburban Minnesota. Check out her Star Trek-themed Christmas tree and her blog at Knit Think. Your Enterprise is upside down! Shields up!

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Newsweek's Top 10 Movies of the Year

Those talented youngsters at Olson+Co will help you decorate for the holidays the easy way - just click and drag! Keep the animals at their default size to create a lovely Claes Oldenburg sculpture garden on your front lawn!

Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, and Clive Owen team up for the hostage thriller Inside Man, directed by Spike Lee.


"I've spoken to Joe Lieberman and he knows he's out there alone. I mean, literally alone. Joe is a fine man, he has strong feelings, but he's just alone. Even Republicans don't agree with Joe."

-- Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Thursday on the Bill Press show

"I'm going to use all the power that I have on radio and television to bring horror into the world of people who are trying to do that."

-- Political pundit Bill O'Reilly, on his radio show, unleashing his wrath on those who are waging an all-out assault on Christmas

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