Known associate of disgraced priest slanders lesbian playwright

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The words are lurid, fragrant, irresistible. You see them in a headline or in a lede and you find yourself stuck to the page, scouring the story for more. Kneecapping. Pig valves. Ecoterrorist. Put them in the right order and these words have the resonance of a tone poem.

For the past day, a newspaperman in Philly, Michael Currie, has been volleying with some of his personal favorites--a little game of newspaper ping pong. It goes without saying, reader, that the comments section below ought to be turned into a round-robbin for your personal faves.

Quebecois separatist
fugitive financier
Palestinian gunmen
psychic surgeon
Canadian doubles
coca growers federation/cocalero movement
lesbian playwright
Maoist guerilla
pirates of the South China Sea
Miami relatives

African strongman
medical marijuana
mysterious arms dealer
Holocaust denier
disgraced priest
ping pong diplomacy
known associate
splinter group
Washington-based Arab intellectual
shareholder revolt
Log cabin Republican

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