Is there a word in the English language that describes the behavior of someone who believes he's the subject of envy, although he is not?

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blotter s430 030206.jpg
The man in the car on 12th Street and Hennepin is at that particular stage of a man's life when he needs to have his prostate examined on a biannual basis. Possibly more. What hair that remains after decades of deforestation has been polymer-affixed to his scalp, from right to left. He wears a a boxy sport coat and shades that Ben Gazzara would hide behind in one of his seedier roles. He doesn't seem to be talking into his Bluetooth--although he doesn't look like the kind of guy who spends a lot of time listening.

The car is a Mercedes S430. The color is indeterminate: As is customary with the Mercedes Benz, the paintjob represents less a particular hue than a specific tax bracket.

The vanity plates read: I ERNIT.

The man in the Mercedes S430 gives no appearance of understanding what it is he has erned.

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