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We often slag on the Pioneer Press in this space (and elsewhere). It's a habit that we're definitely not planning to give up anytime soon. After all, when you have Joe Soucheray and Laura Billings to kick around, there's just too much prime material to pass up.

That said, there remain many, many reasons why the three-time Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper is a vital news outlet in the Twin Cities. Here are a few: Shannon Prather's meticulous cops and courts reporting (notice how she smoked the Star Tribune on both Bonnie Bleskachek lawsuits recently), Tim Nelson and Jason Hoppin's clever coverage of St. Paul city hall, Dave Beal's redoubtable business column, Ross Raihala's witty, smart music writing, and, of course, the great Ruben Rosario.

It would be horrible for this to become a one newspaper town. (For one, it would give the Star Tribune free reign to suck.) That prospect becomes a distinct possibility, though, with the McClatchy Co.'s impending purchase of Knight Ridder. Even if the Star Tribune's parent company sells off the Pi Press as promised, it has zero incentive to find a competent buyer. After all, the Pi Press will remains its primary competition in this market.

Tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. there will be a rally in front of the Pi Press offices in downtown St. Paul to raise awareness about the newspaper's perilous condition. Details at Savethepioneerpress.com.

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