Crime blotter: the only guy who had a worse day than Chris Gamble at the Dome on Sunday

Categories: Crime
On Sunday afternoon during the Vikings dust-up with the Carolina Panthers at the Metrodome, a Minneapolis police officer working off duty was dispatched to Gate H to deal with an unruly patron. The troublesome fan, subsequently identified as Robert Coleman McNutt, appeared to be drunk and was screaming profanities. According to a criminal complaint filed today in Hennepin County District Court, the officer, identified only as J.K., attempted to escort the man outside. McNutt allegedly responded by twice shoving the officer. He then assumed a fighting stance and purportedly punched the officer in the face, resulting in a swollen lip. McNutt was eventually subdued with a taser. The 29-year-old Minneapolis resident is charged with fourth degree assault and obstructing the legal process. According to records maintained by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, McNutt has no prior felony convictions.

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