Movin' on up

National Journal has updated its rankings of congressional seats most likely to switch parties in November. Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District is now ranked 24th, up three spots from the previous assessment, reflecting recent polls that show Democrat Patty Wetterling edging ahead of Republican Michele Bachmann. "Bachmann drew criticism after a prominent evangelical pastor endorsed her from his pulpit," National Journal notes. "But Wetterling's campaign hardly mentioned the flap--an indication of the district's cultural conservatism."

The First Congressional District, meanwhile, vaulted up 13 places, to 39th on the list. In that race incumbent Republican Gil Gutknecht is facing a robust challenge from retired school teacher and National Guard Vet Tim Walz. The most recent poll indicates that the race is a virtual dead heat.

There's more good news for DFL'ers in the gubernatorial race. Minnesota's top state office is now deemed the eighth most likely to switch parties. "Will Ken Mehlman have egg on his face Nov. 8 if a Dem tide sweeps out a bunch of Republicans (like Pawlenty) in the state he just awarded the 2008 GOP convention?" National Journal asks.

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