She Shall Overcome

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Katherine Kersten's column today is insulting on so many levels, it's difficult to unpack it all. It starts out with a tease of promise, with a scene-setter suggesting a modern-day Civil Rights battle, and suggests we're about to read an original think-piece. Perhaps an essay that comes from the head and heart (which, um, is what writers do) and not the usual right-wing blowjob Kersten gets paid for cutting and pasting a couple times a week.


When my wife was seven years old, she asked her small-town Iowa-born mother -- a single parent of two girls living in a two-bedroom apartment -- why her cousin lived with another man. "Because they love each other," said my mother-in-law, who is now on her death bed and still has more going for her than Kersten, whose only accomplishment today was to prove that homophobia comes in all colors.

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