Do they have the Internets at the U of M Law School?

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The Minnesota Daily reported yesterday on the ruckus currently unfolding at the U of M Law School over the hiring of Robert Delahunty to teach a Constitutional law course next semester. Delahunty formerly served in the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel. In that capacity he co-wrote one of the so-called "torture memos" that seemingly justified the psychological and physical abuse of detainees in the war on terrorism.

Delahunty joined the University of St. Thomas School of Law as a professor two years ago. The U of M is hiring him to teach a single class.

The Pioneer Press follows up on the story this morning. Amazingly law school officials tell the newspaper that they were not aware of Delahunty's connection to the controversial memo, which he authored with John Yoo. Which raises the question: How exactly do they vet adjunct professors at the law school?

At least nine U of M law school professors have signed on to a letter asking the school to reconsider the hiring decision. Read the document here.

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