Exit poll buzz: something to confuse everyone

Here, via Wonkette, are some exit poll numbers on US Senate races--none from Minnesota, however--published at the New Republic's blog, The Plank. As TNR blogger Ryan Lizza notes, they come from two sources but "seem too pro-Dem to be true." To be taken with a block of salt and all that. For what it's worth, though, they jibe with the numbers posted at the National Review blog, The Corner.

Michael Brodkorb at MDE has posted some Republican talking points about the exit polls that may or may not prove to hold water.

Democrats lead:

Virgina 52-47

Pennsylvania 57-42

Ohio 57-43

Rhode Island 53-46

New Jersey 52-45

Missouri 50-48

Montana 53-46

Maryland 53-46

Republicans lead:

Tennessee 51-48

Arizona 50-46

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