Pawlenty/Hatch: More proof that satire cannot compete with reality

Six days before the election, CP posted a video campaign ad parody as a sort of homage to the seemingly ridiculous way Tim Pawlenty countered Mike Hatch's every attack on his record by complaining that Hatch just wasn't a very nice guy.

A nice little laugh, we hoped. We didn't really think the governor's race would actually hinge on the ploy.

UPDATE: Pat Kessler, the host of WCCO-TV's Reality Check segment on political ads, has named "Mike Hatch Eats Kittens" the best fake ad of the campaign season. Thank'ee kindly, good sir.

Editor/animator: Chuck Terhark
Voiceover: G.R. Anderson Jr.
Cat herder: Corey Anderson
Script: Steve Perry

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