BREAKING: The Strib buyout list

The list of 44 employees who have had their buyout plans approved by the Star Tribune management was announced in an internal memo this afternoon--the paper's total goal is to hit 50--along with a note that's unsigned. UPDATE: The memo came from and was signed by editor Nancy Barnes.

Click through to read the letter and weep over the names that will no longer help bring you your morning newspaper.

Dear Staff:

Since Monday, we have accepted 40 people into the voluntary buyout program, for a total of 44 approved buyouts to date. We have also had one resignation in the last month, which brings us very close to the company's target of reducing combined news and editorial staffs by 50 jobs. We are still evaluating the remaining buyout applications to determine if others will be approved. We are also working hard on the newsroom reorganization and we hope to get the remaining assignments out before the end of the week.

It is an understatement to say that these have been extremely stressful weeks for everyone. We want to thank you again for your patience and dedication to journalism as we work through this difficult period. We are lucky to have such a terrific staff to lean on. Soon, we will be saying goodbye to a lot of talented people, many of whom have dedicated their careers to this paper. The list includes a few who have been here for almost 48 years. We simply cannot thank people enough for their work for the Star Tribune and for journalism.

The last day of work for most of those accepted into the buyout program will be Friday, June 15, and we are working on a plan to recognize their contributions. All suggestions for how to do so are welcome. Meanwhile, here is the list of people who have been accepted so far. It is important to note that this list is tentative: people have 15 days to rescind their buyout application and it is possible that a few people may decide to stay.

Nancy Entwistle
Doug Grow
Ron Nies
Stephen Berg
Catherine Stanley
Larry Hanson
Carol Hartman
Stormi Greener
Jay Weiner
Conrad deFiebre
Kay Miller
Dan Wascoe
Sharon Schmickle
Linda Mack
Michael Anthony
Susan E. Peterson
Eric Black
Paul Gustafson
Joseph Kimball
Charles Haga
Linda Scheimann
Jim Phillips
Pat Norton
Heather Munro
Jim Boyd
Maury Hobbs
Susie Hopper
John Addington
Patricia Pheifer
Randy Miranda
Beth Thibodeau
Julie Rosckes
Delma Francis
Greg Patterson
Barb Glander
Jeff Rush
Christine Norman
Nancy Olsen
Susan Barbieri
David Peters
Already in the buyout program
Rob Daves
Larry Werner
Denise Brownfield
Bob Jansen

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