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Yesterday was the deadline for Pioneer Press staffers to opt for a buyout package offered by parent company MediaNews. The goal was to convince 30 workers to voluntarily leave the company, including 15 editorial employees. Looks like they came up a little short. Among the soon-to-be departed: veteran travel writer Beth Gauper and Positive MEInforcement author Matt Peiken. Here's the note sent around this afternoon by editor Thom Fladung:

Fellow Pioneer Press staffers:

These staffers are taking the buyout:
Mary Bauer
Diana Boger
Craig Borck
Beth Gauper
Sheryl Jean
Matt Peiken
Joe Rossi
Kathy Rysgaard
Jeff Sjerven
Ellen Tomson

Additionally, we have decided to operate the newsroom library with two full-time librarians, so part-time librarians Chris Wareham and Lisa Carlson will be leaving the company.

We also will not be filling several open positions.

I said at the beginning of this process that we were hoping to be able to take at least 15 buyouts. We are not. But this combination of buyouts and other changes should allow us to meet our immediate and critical need to respond to the changing business conditions we face.

For most of these people, the last day of work will be Friday. Chris Wareham's last day is Thursday. Beth Gauper is on the road for a travel story through the weekend. Her last day will be Monday. Sheryl Jean is out of town on vacation. Her last day is Tuesday.

Please join us in wishing these valued colleagues well. We will gather in the newsroom, on the 6th floor, for a more formal good-bye on Friday afternoon.


Thom Fladung
St. Paul Pioneer Press

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