Lots of media people, no shortage of politicians, and even a celebrity sighting. But no news.

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This afternoon brought little in the way of new news regarding the bridge collapse: the recovery operation has been suspended because of strong currents in the water, the governor has called for a large-scale inspection of the state's bridges, and there are no updated figures on casualties. And that's pretty much that.

At Pawlenty and Rybak's joint afternoon press conference, held a stone's throw from the Stone Arch Bridge, the governor commended the mayor's crisis skills while the mayor, well, didn't say anything mean about the governor. (Pawlenty on Rybak: "He's been omnipresent. He's been effective." Rybak on Pawlenty: "You come together when you need to.")

And then there was Greta Van Susteren, Fox News' go-to catastrophe/sensational-murder-involving-attractive-white-people correspondent. She was on the scene interviewing a young man who lived near the bridge, who "biked under it every day," and who—well, I won't give anything away. He'll surely be featured on her show tonight.

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