Teens invade the local music scene

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In this week's cover story, Teenage Riot, writer Peter S. Scholtes reports on the recent explosion of Minnesota venues catering to the 18+ crowd, and the youthful bands they're booking. An excerpt: "Funk-metal Screaming Mechanical Brain (a.k.a. SMB) and pop-punk Motion City Soundtrack (with a forthcoming album on Epitaph) ... cut their teeth in local teen clubs, namely the still-going Garage in Burnsville and the late Foxfire Coffee Lounge in downtown Minneapolis (respectively). Today both groups play all-ages dates across the country, with MySpace their effective radio station. 'As much as we've sold out, we come from loving bands like Fugazi,' says Josh Cain of Motion City Soundtrack. 'When I was in high school I could really devote my life to a band. Music's for kids, man.'" Read the cover story here and photographer Jayme Halbritter's photos here, then come back to join the conversation.

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