William Dean Singleton on the Ridder ruling

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William Dean Singleton, the vice chairman and CEO of MediaNews, seems to derive quite a bit of joy from twisting the knife into Par Ridder. The self-made media tycoon, who earned the moniker Lean Dean for his cold-blooded approach to newspaper finances, even flew into the Twin Cities to witness Ridder's uncomfortable testimony in the newspaper trial firsthand. But when I spoke with Singleton this afternoon, he seemed uncharacteristically subdued in the wake of his company's legal victory.

"It was the ruling that we hoped for," says Singleton, speaking by telephone from Denver. "It was the ruling that we expected. But in a court of law you never know for sure how a court is going to come down."

Singleton says he expects the case to now proceed to a jury trial. "There are no settlement discussions going on that I'm aware of," he notes. "We had some discussions prior to the hearing, but they were not fruitful."

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