Pawlenty more popular than ever(?!)

Categories: Politics

The Strib released a poll today showing 59 percent of Minnesotans approve of Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Which is to say that despite the bridge collapse, his double flip-flop on the gas tax increase, his slow response to the flooding in southeastern Minnesota, and the evident moral (and practical) bankruptcy of his no-new-taxes creed, his popularity is at its highest point since a month after he took office.

The governor also seems to have avoided stepping in the ripe turd that is George W. Bush's presidency. Among Democrats who "lean Democratic," Pawlenty scored 41 percent approval, compared with seven percent for the president.

And with John McCain's strong local numbers earlier this week, T-Paw's seemingly dashed vice presidential ambitions could well be back on track.

Which, it seems, would make most of us very proud.

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