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Look, you and I both know why you turn (and turn again) to City Pages: the weather. Sure, others are more qualified, but they don't scare you the way we do. If you didn't see it in this week's paper, we announced the following...

Both of the twin cities made the "Top Twenty Tornado-Prone Cities" list: Minneapolis came in 12th, and St. Paul eked in at 18. Which, apparently, means that in order for a twister to find its way from one city to the other, it would first have to wind through Cincinnati, South Bend, Wichita, Lincoln, and Houston.

Well, it turns out there's more! News is trickling slowly from the tornadic assessment folks, and it just gets worse: There is a new "most tornado-prone" spot in Minnesota--and it's Minneapolis (more specifically, latitude 44o 17’ N, longitude 94o 10’ W, which corresponds to a location 1.21 miles northeast of Nicollet, 31.0 yards south of Township Road 99, 281.0 yards east of Township Road 179). See it on Google Maps here. weather team in this town needs to take a cue from these folks in Oklahoma:

And if you are too busy stocking your bunker to spoof this yourself...

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