Name That Ape

We primates at City Pages found reason to celebrate when, in December, the Como Zoo (and happy parents Jambu Aye and Markisa) were blessed with the arrival of a new baby boy orangutan. The saffron-furred fellow was delivered by c-section, one of only 9 documented zoo births of orangutans using the procedure.

But let's get down to brass tacks: the baby's name is up for grabs. Interested parties can "vote" by donating money to the zoo, and on the 18th of February, the zoo will announce which name garnered the most donations. Unfortunately, the zoo has already chosen its three candidate names: Jaya, Pandu, and Bejo.

These names are a little, um, boring. So let's spice it up--below I've posted some City Pages picks for the new tree-swinger's AKA. Send a donation to the zoo (1225 Estabrook Drive, St. Paul) with your choice--and post below to let us know your vote, or offer your own suggestion.

* Mr. Monkey Face
* George W. Bush
* Sir Walter von Monkey
* Lil' Dr. Zaius
* Inmate 6500A
* I Fling Poo
* Bam-Bam II: The Reckoning
* The Ron Paul Monkey

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