The Slumlord and the Internet

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Last week, we brought you the story of Spiros Zorbalas, whom we dubbed "The Slumlord of South Minneapolis." So, the story has been met with a fair amount of feedback, much of which will be included in the coming edition's letters to the editor. (And some of which won't. Which is too bad, because there are some amazing stories in there.) There has also been some discussion of the story out in internetland. Click through for a sampling.

Backhanded compliments, anyone?
Over at, some dude had this to say.

At the Caveat Emptor blog, that site's resident consumer lawyer mused about the relative merits of renting from Zorbalas and living in a cardboard box.

And at the Minnesota Investment Real Estate blog, the author allowed that Zorbalas really is a slumlord.

That is all.

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