Breakfast of Champions 3/17: special SXSW pic edition


They drove, flew, bummed rides and otherwise schlepped to Austin. They braved heat and humidity. They brought instruments, turntables, microphones.

Among these hardy musicians performing at South By Southwest we found a bevy of talent, from the Twin Cities and beyond. In our slideshow section you'll find a passel of galleries from. For your convenience we've got a list of the local bands featured in these photographs -- and a few other snapshots from the experience -- after the jump.

Besides the intriguing national acts we documented for posterity, we dedicated photo galleries to the following local groups:

MC/VL, St. Paul-based hip-hop crew
White Light Riot, rock from Minneapolis
Solid Gold, Minneapolis, psychedelic/dance
Red House Records showcase, a number of acts from the St. Paul roots label
The Pines, Minneapolis, indie folk

Photographer Darin Back grabbed the bulk of our SXSW images. Darin wasn't supposed to be at all of these shows, but talked himself in to a few of them by claiming to be from Rolling Stone. Let this be a lesson to all of you aspiring photojournalists out there. Sarah Askari filed a few dispatches on Culture to Go as well.

Tapes 'n Tapes just played in our fair cities, and you'd think we'd be all done with shots of them. Happily, this is incorrect. Here are some of the shots from their SXSW show:




The Pines played a few gigs, including this show live in the studio with Steve Marsh on Sirius satellite radio:


Some of the best parts of SXSW are the random street encounters. Anyone else look at this photo and think of Owen Hart? Anyone?
Photos by Darin Back

After nearly a full week of music, the band straggled back to their homes, just as we all straggle back in to work on Monday mornings. Life's volume became a little softer. The countdown began for next year.


It's a good time to be a Republican, Steve Berg of MinnPost intones. Au contraire, I retort.

Friday afternoons are a strategic time for politicians like Barack Obama to release news dumps, because fewer people are reading. This is why Obama spoke on controversial topics just before this past weekend, and why they let me post more on Fridays.

James Norton has a Chino Latino-endorsed hangover cure.

Is federal policy stifling growth of local food?

Benjamin Polk was around for the Big 10 tournament, its incredibly high and anticlimactic low. Kevin Hoffman compares two hockey beat-downs.

And music went on around town, too! Coming in a couple of hours: images from the Xiu Xiu/Thao Nugyen show at the Triple Rock on Friday.

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