Minnesota Congressional Power Rankings


A group called Knowlegis has released Congressional Power Rankings. At 28 in the House, Rep. Oberstar is our most powerful member of Congress. In the senate, Coleman is 82--not much higher than Klobuchar. And despite her cloying attempts to curry favor with the Bush Administration (how'd that go?), Bachmann is among our most ineffectual representatives ... 383 (ouch!). Click through the jump to see where your elected official ranks.

Here's what Knowlegis says about its methodology:

We rated each current Member of Congress on various criteria that demonstrated power and the ability to be effective in Congress in 2007 and 2008. This resulted in a Power Score that ranked members for overall power in each chamber of Congress in our Power Rankings.


82. Sen. Coleman (REP-MN) 16.63
94. Sen. Klobuchar (DEM-MN) 13.26

28. Rep. Oberstar (DEM-MN-8) 36.86
117. Rep. McCollum (DEM-MN-4) 25.28
138. Rep. Ellison (DEM-MN-5) 22.80
177. Rep. Peterson (DEM-MN-7) 18.98
293. Rep. Ramstad (REP-MN-3) 17.07
308. Rep. Walz (DEM-MN-1) 11.82
363. Rep. Bachmann (REP-MN-6) 9.03
396. Rep. Kline (REP-MN-2) 6.52

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