Anti-Scientology Protesters Take to the Street

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On a miserably frigid and wet day, a protest group calling itself Anonymous staged its third anti-Scientology demonstration in downtown Minneapolis in as many months. Saturday’s protest saw about 50 demonstrators—more than a few decked in Guy Fawkes masks—congeal across from the Church of Scientology on Nicollet Mall, between 10th and 11th Streets.

Dubbed “Operation: Reconnect,” the protest took aim at Scientology’s “disconnection” practice, whereby new recruits are compelled to severe their ties with non-practicing friends and family members


“We’re here to say your family misses you,” said a girl wearing a scarf across her face and a nametag identifying her as Emily. “This is a dangerous cult that enjoys tax-exempt status. Where’s the fairness there?”

A few protestors prowled along Nicollet, handing out fliers to passersby encouraging them to google “Operation Freakout,” “Fair Game Policy,” and other “formal polic[ies] of harassment.”

The demonstration was just one of many to held worldwide on April 12. Similar protests were staged on March 15 and February 10.

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