Gawker hates on all of Minnesota

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We dumb Midwesterners voted for Jesse Ventura and now might vote for Al Franken. Yeah, cause New Yorkers never let celebrity interfere with common sense.

Snarky much?

Midwestern State Determined to Embarrass Self

Because Minnesota cannot bear not being the laughingstock of a nation with plenty of contenders to that title, they may very well elect comedian Al Franken to the United States Senate this year. Or perhaps Jesse "The Body" Ventura, the noted Predator star and former professional wrestler. And governor of the state. Great work, guys. (Well, Ventura doesn't actually seem that inclined to run. He's just threatening to because he so dislikes Franken and Norm Coleman. Which, yeah, we do too, but we'd still rather see Carl Weathers in that seat. Someday all of our elected officials will have their political resumes replayed on TBS every Saturday afternoon.) [KARE11]

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