Local Guitar Hero signed to endorsement deal

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Chris Chike, the teenage gamer whom City Pages profiled after he set the Guinness World Record for highest score on Guitar Hero, has been signed to an endorsement deal.

The exclusive, longterm contract makes Chike an official spokesman and consultant for The Ant Commandos, a company that manufacturers the plastic guitar peripheral and other videogame accessories.

"We look at him as our Tiger Woods," says Raymond Yow, the director of marketing for TAC. "We always look for this type of talented videogamer to help us design a better product. To spend so much time on this thing, they know things that other people don’t know, to really push the product, and we want that."

Although the monetary details are being kept under wraps, the deal comes with one very cool perk. Starting next month, Chike will begin meeting with an engineering team to create a special high-end guitar for top-level players.

"It’s going to have a lot of interesting new technology in it—totally different than all the guitars you see right now for the game," Yow says, adding that he expects the controller to be available by the end of the year in time for Christmas.


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