Line dancing: Chasing the dragon iPhone in Minneapolis

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When I set out to get a new iPhone, I dragged the camera along just in case there were overwhelming lines. Upon arrival in downtown Minneapolis at the Investor's Building AT & T store, though, there wasn't a single person waiting. Score! Picked the right spot! Now, to wait 15 minutes until the shop opens, and ... wait, what's that sign?



Most stores opted for an earlier 8 a.m. opening time to deal with the anticipated rush. When I called to confirm that this would be the case for the downtown AT & T store, I received a recorded message that included the following:

"If you plan to visit us for reasons other than iPhone, we suggest visiting us before the iPhone launch."

They were not kidding. Photos from two stores after the jump.

The first Apple aficionados arrived at the downtown store around 6 a.m. By 6:45, the line began to grow substantially, with 90 people there at 7:45 and more than 100 shortly thereafter. Mercifully, a staff member came out and informed those of us who were tardy that we wouldn't be scoring any phones.

Undaunted, I planned to ramble on. I called a friend in line at Ridgedale: she was 55 deep, but said things were moving fast. Evidently, others had the same idea:




About 150 people were in line there. I asked a security guard and a staff member how many phones were on hand -- they weren't telling.

I didn't want one of those iPhones anyway. The new 3G isn't even gold-plated. I'll hold out for the diamonds on the bezel.

UPDATE: See MPR's photos from Roseville here.

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