Conventions: Good for piercings, not so much for tattoos

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Hey, Twin Cities: It's a good time to put a hole in yourself.

I've been talking to tons of workers and business owners in Denver about whether the anticipated economic boost from the DNC has been as effective as people believed it would be. Short preview of that post: there's been more business, but not as much as as hoped.

In the body modification arena, however, there's a bit of a trend. Piercings: up! Tattoos: not so much! But there are ink opportunities, too.

Washington delegate Jessica Beckett gets a lip piercing from Bianca of Celebrity Tattoo.

Celebrity Tattoo in downtown Denver saw a spike (no pun intended) in piercings the weekend prior to the convention. The tattoo market, by contrast, has been flat. To bring more biz to the other side of things, the place is offering a special for patriotic tattoos -- a $75 flat rate.

Does the severed head of George W. Bush count as patriotic? "Absolutely," said the helpful staff.

Also, confidential to Stephen Colbert: if you come in to Celebrity, your tattoo is free. Might be time to get that Stephen Jr. design done.

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