The Tim Pawlenty Primer

The nation may have just discovered Tim Pawlenty, but City Pages has been writing about him since he first rose to power. Here's a compendium of articles that provide a critical look at John McCain's vice presidential frontrunner.

Governor No
Tim Pawlenty racked up more vetoes this year than any governor in Minnesota's history. Is this the man we want to be vice president?

Pawlenty flip-flops on Cuba just in time to cozy up to McCain
Is Gov. Tim Pawlenty's change of heart politically motivated?

VP Pawlenty Watch
Our ongoing horserace coverage of T-Paw's quest to be McCain's running mate

The Smiling Face of Pain
The "new" Tim Pawlenty looks a lot like the old one

A Portrait of the Governor as a Young Weenie
Husker Du's Grant Hart recalls his old classmate, Tim Pawlenty

Death by a Thousand Cuts
How does Minnesota's fresh-minted 2003 budget make this a meaner place? Let us count the ways

The Friends of Tim Pawlenty
The governor's right: Many "public servants" do what he and the friends of Tim have done. That's what reeks about it.

The Road to Perdition
The governor wants to spend billions on roads without raising your taxes. Think there might be a catch?

Gov: Like Those Renters' Rebates? Too Bad
Do You Rent Your Living Space? In His Never-Ending Quest to Find Revenue Without Raising Taxes, Governor Pawlenty Wants to Screw You

Secrets and lies
Always known as a conscientious discloser of his personal ties, legislator Pawlenty never saw fit to mention NewTel--or to recuse himself from telecom votes.

Comforting the Comfortable
Tim Pawlenty's false populism

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