Asshole of the week: St. Paul dog tosser

We've all been angry about break ups in our lives. Maybe you've thrown a book against a wall. Maybe even a cat.

But chucking a innocent pup off a balcony to face certain doom three stories below is a new one.

Sara Goff's ex boyfriend tossed her her new English bull dog from the third-floor balcony Thursday night. The dog, named Precious, sustained injuries that required her to put the dog down.

The reason? Her new boyfriend bought it for her, according to the felony animal-cruelty charges filed Friday and reported in the Star Tribune.

"Where'd you get that?" she recalled Dornseif saying when he first eyed the stocky pooch. "What do you want a dog for? I hate dogs."

Later, he'd tell police that Precious jumped from his arms and over the railing.

A police investigator, however, did not believe that story. Nor did Goff, who said Friday afternoon that while Precious was excitable, her short legs kept her from jumping.

The most heartbreaking part of this story? A two-year-old girl watched it all happen.

Two-year-old Elizabeth Mabry later described what she saw to her mother, Andrea Mabry, who also lives in the building.

"Doggie went boom," the girl said, throwing her arms wide.

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