Kowalski's will begin selling liquor after long battle for new laws

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Kowalski's Markets, the upscale grocer that tricks customers into spending too much money on fancy food, announced the addition of wine, beer and liquor sales in adjacent spaces at eight locations. The first will be at the new location in Eagan, which opens before Thanksgiving.

According to Minnesota law, liquor stores associated with grocery stores must have a separate entrance. Trader Joe's is an example and probably a significant factor to this decision.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reports that a majority of the selection will be wine, but they will also sell liquor and beer.

Kowalski's seems to have given in to Minnesota law after a multi-year fight to change it. Kowalski's was a strong supporter of the Minnesota Grocers Association's Wine with Dinner campaign, which pushed for law changes that allowed grocery stores to carry wine. Shoppers in 33 other states, including Wisconsin, Iowa and South Dakota, can purchase wine at a grocer, according to the campaign.

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