Science Museum grosses out Twin Cities with rotting pig blog

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We all have a little bit of morbid curiosity. Ever wanted to watch Babe the Pig rot? Every day with a smell-by-smell recount and graphic photos to top it off? Oh, and how about a video? Count us in!

The Science Museum of Minnesota has you covered.

If you have a weak stomach you might want to avoid this site, but the Science Museum has a blog tracking a decomposing pig. Right now the maggots are eating the pig's face! SICK! And how's this for a visual? The blog introduces the experiment with this quote:

"The soft, near-hairless skin of a domestic pig closely duplicates that of a human, and that the torso of a luau-size porker parallels that of a 160-pound man."

I can't think of a single better way to spend my time or Science Museum dollars than this. I wonder if City Pages would let the staff vote on what animal or live specimen we would most like to watch rot in our workspace. It's doubtful the employees outside of Editorial would question it as some newsroom stank must waft down there on occasion.

In any case, it's pretty fascinating. Just avoid catching up with the blog in the morning unless you want to lose your appetite for greasy bacon.

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