Dentists give children yet another reason to hate them

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Metro Dentalcare dentists must hate children. That's got to be it. Lecturing young 'uns about not flossing and applying butt-ugly braces clearly wasn't enough torture for the masked teeth cleaners. They've stepped up their offensive on children with an act so despicable, dentists may soon replace clowns as kids' most feared professionals. The dentists are literally taking candy from babies. Well, it's more like they're buying candy from children, but the principle is the same.

Metro Dentalcare locations in Burnsville, Chanhassen, and Maple Grove are paying young trick-or-treaters $1 per pound of candy, up to five pounds, for their hard-gotten loot. In a press release, their apparent ringleader explains making a mockery of kids' best-loved holiday. “As dentists, we enjoy a sugary treat once in a while too, but cavities don’t have to follow,” said Dr. Melissa Naidyhorski, from Metro Dentalcare Chanhassen. The dentists' missive goes on to explain that the candy will be donated to ill children staying at Ronald McDonald House charities who couldn't go trick-or-treating. If you hate your children as much as these dentists do, their sinister plot will be carried out from 10 am- 1 pm on Sat., Nov. 1 at these locations.

Metro Dentalcare Children’s Dentistry
14336 Burnhaven Drive

Metro Dentalcare Chanhassen
7806 Market Blvd.

Maple Grove:

Metro Dentalcare Maple Grove
15785 95th Ave. N.

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This is a very funny article. Bravo, Ben! While part of me sympathizes with the plight of the poor, candy-bereft youngsters, I can see where these dentists are coming from. I've seen projects like this similarly done in many different cities, but I really like the angle that was taken on this one. Very tongue-in-cheek and fresh! 


I think it's a good idea. Form what I understand they usually end up buying the candy the kids wouldn't eat anyways. Besides, this way the children get a little money. After awhile they might be able to buy something that wont be gone as soon as you eat it.


It is quite difficult for a child to face dentist because his teeth pain makes him uncomfortable during the treatment and it makes him horrify when he see the doctor. The only experienced dentist like can handle this situation. We have to always prefer experienced dentist.


When I was a kid, there is no way I would give my candy up..but no one ever offered me money for it either! I wonder if I could bribe my kids with a few bucks to try and get some candy next Halloween. It would be even great if that meant one less dentist appointment. Thanks for sharing!

Lana Lynch |


I think this is kind of a clever idea. I probably wouldn't have my kid give them all of their candy. But let's face it, there's always some candy left that no one wants. Might as well make some money off of it!

Rico | 

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