Gina Carano makes weight for fight against Kelly Kobald

Weight has been an issue for Gina Carano. In her previous fights, the American Gladiator and superstar of women’s mixed martial arts been over by at least 4lbs. This changed for her upcoming fight with Kelly Kobald, both of whom we featured in our story, Girl Fight. But to do it she had to remove all her clothes.

Carano came into the weigh-in in a sports bra and short shorts, stepped on the scale but was still a pound over. So she decided to ditch the clothing, much to the delight of every male MMA fan in the county.

On her third attempt, hidden behind two towels, one of them held by her father Glen Carano, she stepped on the scale in the buff and came in at 141lbs.

The Carano vs. Kobald fight is Saturday on CBS. Below are photos from the weigh-in:




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