Obama outspending McCain on TV, except in Minnesota

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Barack Obama is outspending John McCain at nearly a three-to-one clip on television time in the final weeks of the presidential election, according to ad buy information obtained by the Washington Post. For example, Obama spent $2.9 million on ad buys last week in Florida while McCain spent $623,000.

The story is much different in Minnesota, where McCain is outspending Obama with a total of $377,000 in ad buys last week. Obama’s campaign spent just over half that amount.

According to the Washington Post:

From Sept. 30 to Oct. 6, Obama spent more than $20 million on television ads in 17 states including more than $3 million in Pennsylvania and more than $2 million each in Florida, Michigan and Ohio. McCain in that same time frame spent just $7.2 million in 15 states.

Only in Minnesota and Iowa did McCain have a spending edge on television over Obama in the last week.

Looks like the McCain love won't be going away anytime soon.

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