Palin doesn't back up Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachmann is Minnesota's No. 1 Gov. Sarah Palin fan, but that doesn't mean Palin will back her up at a moment's notice. Friendships aren't always mutual, unfortunately. You'll have to fight for McCarthyism without the power of the people.

On MSNBC's First Read, Palin responded to questions about Bachmann's statements Friday that the media should investigate members of Congress for anti-American views.

Speaking with reporters in Colorado yesterday, Palin said she does not agree with Rep. Michele Bachmann's recent comments suggesting that some congressmen hold "anti-American views," NBC/NJ's Matthew E. Berger reports. "Well that's quite subjective," she said of Bachmann's comments. "I would think that anybody running and wanting to serve in Congress is quite pro-American because that's what the mission is, to better this country, so I would question the intent of that."

Yikes. Who is backing up Bachmann these days? Every Republican seems to be running in the other direction.

via MNPublius


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